Professor David Lopez-Carr talks about Planetary Health in the Santa Barbara Independent

“UCSB’s David Lopez-Carr Improves Planetary Health”

“When it comes to researching planetary health, UCSB geography professor David López-Carr is at the forefront. In October 2016, he cofounded the Planetary Health Center of Expertise, under which interdisciplinary researchers from the UC system and beyond study the complex interaction of human and natural forces.

Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Gates Foundation, the team is underwriting $1.5 million in creative projects to tackle complicated problems around the globe. One such project is López-Carr’s work with UCSB zoology professor Armand Kuris and two Stanford researchers: They’re introducing prawns (which eat the snails that host parasitic worms that cause disease) to key river systems in sub-Saharan Africa, a problem initially created by the building of dams.”

To view the complete story go to: Geography Professor Cofounds the Planetary Health Center of Expertise

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