Professor David Lopez-Carr interviewed by Oklahoma NPR station KGOU’s World Views on Interactions Between the Environment and Human Behavior

Professor David Lopez-Carr was interviewed by Oklahoma NPR station KGOU’s World Views and talked about the studies being conducted on interactions between the environment and human behavior. With this interaction it affects both aspects. Humans have a big impact on the environment and the environment affects the way humans behave. He tells Oklahoma NPR station KGOU’s World Views that the Human-Environment Dynamics Lab was able to determine that sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that has experienced “high population growth density with climatic anomalies, such as high temperatures and decreased precipitation.” Furthermore, the interview continued with Professor David Lopez-Carr’s studies to climate change and talks about the harsh impacts of climate change in rural areas.

To view the complete story and listen to the interview go to: UC-Santa Barbara Lab Studies Interactions Between The Environment and Human Behavior

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