Professor David Lopez-Carr is interviewed by KGOU’s World Views and talks about studying the interactions between the environment and human behavior, as well as the harsh impacts of climate change in rural areas and on his studies in climate change.

To listen to the interview go to: UC-Santa Barbara Lab Studies Interactions Between the Environment and Human Behavior

Professor David Lopez-Carr and John Williams from the University of California, Davis were joined by Dr. Vik Mohan director of the sexual and reproductive health program for Blue Ventures to talk about biodiversity hotspots and how conservation efforts need to incorporate health and livelihood services directed at the growing populations living nearby.

To view and listen to the presentation go to: Hotspots: Population Growth in Areas of High Biodiversity

Professor David Lopez-Carr was joined by Lori Hunter of the University of Colorado, Boulder, and John Pielemeier, an independent consultant, to have have a presentation on population, health, and environment (PHE) issues. Lopez-Carr has explained in this presentation on how important it is to include sustainable livelihood projects in development programs that integrate PHE issues.

To view and listen to the presentation go to: Population-Health-Environment Programs: Assessing the Past, Planning the Future

Professor David-Lopez-Carr was joined by Liza Grandia, assistant professor of international development and social change at Clark University, and Jason Bremner, director of population, health, and environment at the Population Reference Bureau to talk about how meeting the needs of these communities is the path that needs to be taken to conserve Latin American’s forests. Lopez-Carr discusses that rural areas are going to largely explain the future of Latin American conservation, development, population, and urbanization

To view and listen to the presentation go to: Deforestation, Population, and Development in a Warming World: A Roundtable on Latin America