PhD Dissertations 2011-2020

Doctoral dissertations are posted in chronological order. The list includes the graduate’s name, quarter of graduation, dissertation title, committee chair, and committee members.

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Degree DateNameTitleChair
Spring 2017Gao, SongExtracting Computational Representations of Place with Social SensingJanowicz
Fall 2016Cannon, Forest, GlenInfluence of Large-Scale Circulation on the Dynamics of Extratropical Cyclones and Orographic Precipitation in High Mountain AsiaCarvalho
Fall 2016Lee, Jae HyunTravel Behavior Dynamics in Space and TimeGoulias
Fall 2016Niblett, Timothy, JohnOn the Development of a New Class of Covering-Path ModelsChurch
Summer 2016Elwell, Tammy, LynnIncorporating Human Dimensions of Land and Seascapes into Spatial PlanningAlagona / Lopez-Carr
Summer 2016Han, Su, YeonDiscovering Spatial Relationships between Cyberspace and Real Space, and Re-examining Theories in Geography with Social Media and Big DataTsou - SDSU
Spring 2016Fouad, Geoffrey, GeorgeFlow duration curve prediction for ungauged basins: A data-driven study of the contiguous United StatesHope - SDSU
Spring 2016Hu, YingjieValuing Geographic Information: Extending Information Value Theory in the Context of Human Mobility Janowicz
Spring 2016Irmischer, Ian, JosephSpace, Time, and Energy in Dismounted NavigationClarke
Spring 2016Messina, Alex, ThomasTerrigenous sediment dynamics in a small, tropical, fringing- reef embaymentBiggs
Fall 2015Henderikx Freitas, FernandaSpace-time variability of bio-optical properties in the Southern California BightSiegel
Fall 2015Menzer, OlafTemporal and Spatial Modeling of Urban Carbon Dioxide Fluxes Using a Data Based ApproachMcFadden
Summer 2015ALONZO, MichaelUrban Forest Ecosystem Analysis Using Fused Airborne Hyperspectral and Lidar DataRoberts
Summer 2015SADEGHI, K. MajidOptimization Programming for Stormwater Control Measures: Methods for Sizing and SelectionLoaiciga
Summer 2015THORPE, AndrewMapping and quantifying methane emissions from local sources using airborne imaging spectrometersRoberts
Winter 2015LIN, YangDirect and Indirect Contributions of Photodegradation to Litter Decomposition in a California GrasslandKing
Winter 2015McKENZIE, GrantA Temporal Approach to Defining Place Types based on User-Contributed Geosocial ContentJanowicz/Raubal
Fall 2014BAGUSKAS, SaraInfluence of coastal fog on the physiology and distribution of Bishop pine on Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaStill/King
Fall 2014BARRON, RebeccaConstraining the variability of optical properties in the Santa Barbara Channel: A phytoplankton storySiegel
Fall 2014CARTER, Norman (SDSU)The Struggle to Create a Residential Community in Downtown Los AngelesBosco
Fall 2014GARCIA, ElizabethEcohydrologic Modeling in Three Western U.S. Mountain Watersheds: Implications of Climate, Soil, and Carbon Cycling Interactions for StreamflowTague
Fall 2014HARRISON, LauraImpacts of Climate Variability on Surface Energy and Water Budgets in Sub-Saharan AfricaMichaelsen
Fall 2014MEDRANO, Fernando AntonioCorridor Location: Generating Competitive and Efficient Route AlternativesChurch
Summer 2014DEV, Boris (SDSU)Assessing Inequality Using Geographic Income DistributionsRey
Summer 2014HARTMAN, BrettThe Influence of Social Factors on Land Restoration in Rural Development AreasChadwick, Cleveland
Summer 2014NIBLETT, MatthewThe Disruptive Anti-Covering Location Problem: New Modeling Perspectives and Solution ApproachesChurch
Spring 2014BART, Ryan (SDSU)Regional Streamflow Response to Wildfire in California WatershedsHope
Spring 2014BENZA, Magdalena (SDSU)Population Dynamics Throughout the Urban Context: A Case Study in Sub-Saharan Africa Utilizing Remotely Sensed Imagery and GISWeeks
Spring 2014SALIM, Zia (SDSU)Building Community? Analyzing Gated Housing Compounds in BahrainBosco
Winter 2014CHEN, CherylAssessing and Mapping Vulnerability in the California Commercial Sea Urchin FisheryLopez-Carr
Winter 2014ROTH, KeelyDiscriminating Among Plant Species and Functional Types Using Spectroscopy Data: Evaluating Capabilities Within and Across Ecosystems, Across Spatial Scales and Through SeasonsRoberts
Fall 2013McNALLY, AmyEstimating root zone soil moisture in the West African Sahel using remotely sensed vegetation and rainfallGautier, Michaelsen
Fall 2013RAVULAPARTHY, SrinathSpatial Perspectives in Business Establishment Behavioral Modeling: A Case-Study Analysis in Santa Barbara CountyGoulias
Fall 2013WANG, Ninghua (SDSU)Statistics for Time-Series Spatial Data: Applying Survival Analysis to Study Land-Use ChangeLi An
Fall 2013YUAN, YihongCharacterizing Human Mobility from Mobile Phone UsageRaubal
Summer 2013ARCHER, ReginaldMeasuring and Monitoring Long Term Disaster Recovery Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Post Katrina New OrleansClarke
Summer 2013BOMBARDI, RodrigoThe South Atlantic Coupled Variability and the South Atlantic Convergence ZoneCarvalho
Summer 2013DALAL, PamelaStability and Change in Travel Behavior and the Built EnvironmentGoulias
Summer 2013DAVENPORT, FrankThree Essays on Time Varying Spatial Price Behavior and Correlation StructuresSweeney, Doug Steigerwald (Econ)
Summer 2013DEUTSCH-BURGNER, KathleenAn Investigation in Decision Making and Destination Choice Incorporating Place Meaning and Social Network InfluencesGoulias
Summer 2013DEWES, CandidaUnderstanding climate impacts on Mexican rainfed maizeSweeney, Gautier
Summer 2013GOERISCH, Denise (SDSU)Smart Cookies: The Gendered Spaces of Labor, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the Girl Scout Cookie SaleSwanson
Summer 2013JANKOWSKA, Marta (SDSU)Integrating Space and Place into Children's Perceptions of Environmental Health Hazards in Accra, GhanaWeeks
Summer 2013LIPPITT, Caitlin (SDSU)Remote Sensing Based Characterization of Herbaceous Vegetation in California ShrublandsStow
Summer 2013SIMONS, Nicole (SDSU)Improving Decision Making During Wildland Fire EventsJankowski
Summer 2013WANDERSEE, Sarah (SDSU)Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in Human-Environment Systems: Understanding Complex Interactions among Policy and Management, Livelihoods, and ConservationLi An, Lopez-Carr
Summer 2013ZVOLEFF, Alex (SDSU)Understanding the Dynamics of Changing Land-use and Land-cover, Population, and Climate in the Chitwan Valley, NepalLi An, Lopez-Carr
Summer 2013XIAO, DanqingIndividual and Cultural Differences in the Interpretation and Generation of Natural Language Descriptions of Spatial LayoutMontello
Spring 2013BRADLEY, ElizaCharacterizing Methane Emissions at Local Scales with a 20 Year Total Hydrocarbon Time Series, Imaging Spectrometry, and Web Facilitated AnalysisRoberts
Spring 2013CARTER, Norman Dale (SDSU)The Strugle to Create a Residential Community in Downtown Los AngelesBosco
Winter 2013GLENNON, Alan JohnAnalysis of Geographically Embedded NetworksGoodchild
Fall 2012BRACHMAN, MicahModeling Evacuation VulnerabilityChurch
Fall 2012CROTTY, Sean (SDSU)The Geographic Dimensions of Day Labor Conflict in the San Diego Metropolitan AreaBosco
Fall 2012REITH, ErnestA Multitemporal, Multisensor Approach to Mapping the Canadian Boreal ForestRoberts
Fall 2012SUTER, LaurelLand Succession and Intensification in the Agricultural Frontier: Sierra del Lacandón National Park, GuatemalaLopez-Carr
Fall 2012SWOBODZINSKI, Martin (SDSU)Exploring Human Decision Making in the Context of Web-Based Public Participation in Transportation PlanningJankowski
Summer 2012BREMER, Leah (SDSU)Land-use Change, Ecosystem Services, and Local Livelihoods: Ecological and Socio-economic Outcomes of Payment for Ecosystem Services in Ecuadorian Paramo GrasslandsFarley
Summer 2012FREEMAN, Mary Pyott (SDSU)An Analysis of Tree Mortality Using High Resolution Remotely-Sensed Data for Mixed-Conifer Forests in San Diego CountyStow
Summer 2012KIM, Ick Hoi (SDSU)Developing High Performance GIS Simulation Models on Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure: A Case Study of Population Change Models with Grid Computing and Cloud Computing TechnologiesMing-Hsiang Tsou
Spring 2012QUICK, DaynaIncorporation of salt-rich dust from Owens Lake playa in soils along the Sierra Nevada piedmont: soil properties, and ionic and ionic and isotopic ratios as provenance tracersChadwick
Winter 2012HURT, IndyA Spatially Distributed Agent-Based Model for Exploring Tuberculosis Risk Factors in KenyaGoodchild
Winter 2012LIPPITT, Christopher (SDSU)Time-Sensitive Remote SensingStow
Winter 2012ROYAL, NathanielDracunculiasis: The Endgame, Proximity, and RiskGoodchild
Winter 2012STOLER, Justin (SDSU)Spatial Patterns of Water Insecurity in a Developing City: Lessons from Accra, GhanaWeeks
Fall 2011CAVANAUGH, KyleVariability of giant kelp forests in southern California: a remote assessment of kelp biomass and the drivers of kelp dynamicsSiegel
Fall 2011CHAUDHURI, GargiImpact of Policy on Interaction Between Land Use and Road Network and its Change Over TimeClarke
Fall 2011TOOMEY, MichaelRemote Sensing of Forest Dynamics and Land Use in AmazoniaRoberts
Summer 2011DARA-ABRAMS, DrewThe World in the Head: Measuring People's Spatial Knowledge and Travel Patterns Using Mobile DevicesMontello, Raubal
Summer 2011MURTINHO, FelipeAdaptation to Environmental Change among Water User Associations in the Columbian AndesLopez-Carr, Eakin
Summer 2011PULTAR, EdwardThe Role of Geography in Social Networks: Couch Surfing as a Case StudyRaubal
Summer 2011REBICH HESPANHA, StacyThematic and Affective Content in Textual and Visual Communication About Climate Change: Historical Overview of Mass Media Sources and Empirical Investigation of Emotional ResponsesMontello
Spring 2011CAO, GuofengA Geostatistical Framework for Categorical Spatial Data ModelingGoodchild and Kyriakidis
Spring 2011KUZERA, Kristopher (SDSU)Climate and Climate Change and Infectious Disease Risk in Thailand: A Spatial Study of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Using GIS and Remotely-Sensed ImageryGetis
Spring 2011LERNER, AmyLandscapes and Livelihoods on the Urban Fringe: Implications for Maize Production in Central MexicoSweeney
Spring 2011LIU, ShishiThe Impacts of Soil Moisture on Grassland and Oak SavannaChadwick
Spring 2011PETERSON, SethFire Risk in CaliforniaRoberts
Winter 2011HENSON, Kriste M.D.Travel Determinants and Multi-scale Transferability of National Activity Patterns to Local PopulationsGoulias