PhD Dissertations 2001-2010

Doctoral dissertations are posted in chronological order. The list includes the graduate’s name, quarter of graduation, dissertation title, committee chair, and committee members.

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NameDegree DateTitleChairCommittee
YOON, Seo-YounFall 2010Impact of time-space prism accessibility on time use behavior and its propagation through intra-household interactionGouliasChurch, Raubal, Pendyala (external, Arizona State)
MARSHALL, MichaelFall 2010Modeling Actual Evapotranspiration in sub-Saharan Africa with Implications for Food SecurityMichaelsenStill, Roberts, Funk, Williams
LEI, TingFall 2010[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Location Modeling Utilizing Closest and Generalized Closest Transport/Interaction Assignment Constructs
ChurchGoulias, Clarke, Current (external)
GROSSNER, KarlFall 2010Representing Historical Knowledge in Geographic Information SystemsGoodchildCouclelis, Clarke, Raubal, Mostern (UC Merced, History)
LI, Linna Summer 2010Design of a Conceptual Framework and Approaches for Geo-Object Data ConflationGoodchildClarke, Kyriakidis, Alan Saalfeld (School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University)
HAMADA, Yuki (SDSU)Spring 2010Characterizing Conditions of California Sage Scrub Communities in Mediterranean Type Ecosystems Using Remote SensingStowFranklin, Roberts, kyriakidis
KUHN, WilliamSpring 2010Road Systems, Land Use, and Related Patterns of Valley Oak (Quercus lobata Nee) Populations, Seedling Recruitment, and HerbivoryDavisMichaelsen, Kendall, Clarke
YE, Xinyue (SDSU)Winter 2010Comparative Space Time DynamicsReyGetis, An, Goodchild, Church
MORENO, Christopher (SDSU)Winter 2010Geographies of Addiction and Recovery: Drugs, Space, and Body PoliticsAitkenFernando Bosco, Colin Gardner, Couclelis, Carr
DAVIS, JasonWinter 2010International Migration, Remittances, Fertility, and Development: Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence from Central AmericaCarrJohn Weeks, Eakin, Ronald Lee
PINGEL, ThomasWinter 2010Strategic Elements of Route ChoiceClarkeMontello, Hegarty, Raubal
THOMAS, MatthewFall 2009[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
High Spectral-Resolution Infrared Remote Sensing of Saharan Mineral Dust: Ground and Satellite-Based Estimations of Dust Optical Thickness, Scattering, Mineralogy, Radius, Temperature and Climate Forcing
GautierNatalie Mahowald, Michaelsen, Jens Redemann, Roberts
MARSH, MeredithFall 2009Spatial Concepts: What Students Should Know? What Do They Know? How Can We Know What They Know?SweeneyHegarty, Michael Gerber, Sarah Battersby
HASTINGS, JordanSummer 2009Automatic Conflation of Digital Gazetteer Data: Summary of Research and DemonstrationGoodchildClarke, Golledge, Linda Hill, Gary Raines
WILLIAMS, ParkSummer 2009Tree Rings, Climate Variability, and Coastal Summer Stratus Clouds in the Western United StatesStillMichaelsen, Gautier, Leavitt
PERROY, RyanSummer 2009Quantifying Land Degradation and Vegetation Recovery on Southwestern Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaChadwickBookhagen, Muhs, Roberts
LOPEZ, Annacarla (SDSU)Summer 2009Spatial Patterns of Urban Food Security in Accra, Ghana: A Geographic Analysis of Household Hunger in an African CityWeeksStow, Eakin, Church
KILHAM, NinaSummer 2009Floodplain Sedimentation on the Feather River, California: Combined Use of Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling to Analyze Contemporary Deposition Patterns in a Historically Mined BasinChadwickSinger, Roberts, Dunne
ECKMANN, TedSummer 2009Measuring Subpixel Fire Properties to Improve Global Monitoring and Understanding of FiresRobertsRanderson, Still, Michaelsen
ROBINSON, MichaelWinter 2009[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
The Impacts of Heterogeneous Behavior on Fishing Fleet Location and Performance
SiegelSweeney, Costello, Montello, Goulias
NISHIMOTO, MaryWinter 2009Effects of Coastal Circulation on the Distributional Patterns of Pelagic Juvenile Fishes and Otolith Chemistry, and on the Timing of Juvenile Reef Fish SettlementWashburnWarner, Carr, Love, Ralston
LEGLEITER, CarlFall 2008Alternative Representations of In-stream HabitarDunneRoberts, Kyriakidis, Gressewell
DILLEMUTH, JulieFall 2008Map Use and Spatial Knowledge Acquisition with Small, Mobile Map DisplaysClarke, MontelloGolledge, Hegarty
SCHNEIDER, PhillipSummer 2008Modeling Spatial Patterns of Wildfire Susceptibility in Southern California: Applications of MODIS Remote Sensing Data and Mesoscale Numerical Weather ModelsRobertsKyriakidis, Goodchild, Burgan
NUERNBERGER, AndreaSummer 2008Presenting Accessibility to Mobility-Impaired TravelersGolledgeChurch, Clarke, Gerber, Goulias
HOWARTH, JeffSummer 2008Landscape and Purpose: Modeling the Functional and Spatial Organization of the LandCouclelisClarke, Goodchild, Knowles, Laughrin
GRACE, KathrynSummer 2008Three Essays on Fertility and Family Planning in GuatemalaSweeney & Lopez-CarrJones, Tavrow
BALLANTINE, JohnSummer 2008The Influence of Source Landforms, Antecedent Precipitation, and Winds on Dust Events in North AfricaDunneRoberts, Chadwick, Mahowald
ANTONINETTI, Maurizio (SDSU)Summer 2008Peter Pan Will Not Live Here Anymore. A Multi-Approach Study of the Relation Between Neighborhood Design and the Ability to Age in PlaceFordAitken, Couclelis, Goodchild
ANTONINETTI, Maurizio (SDSU)Summer 2008Peter Pan Will Not Live Here Anymore. A Multi-Approach Study of the Relation Between Neighborhood Design and the Ability to Age in PlaceFordAitken, Couclelis, Goodchild
GUAN, QingfengSpring 2008Parallel algorithms for Geographic ProcessingClarkeSmith, Goodchild, Usery
FUGATE, Debbie (SDSU)Spring 2008Geodemographic Modeling of Data-Poor Populations in a Security ContextWeeksStow , Clarke, Carr
BURBIDGE, ShaunnaSpring 2008Evaluating the Impact of Neighborhood Trail Development on Active Travel Behavior and Overall Physical ActivityGouliasChurch, Couclelis, Handy
LIGMANN-ZIELINSKA, Arika (SDSU)Winter 2008Exploring Normative Scenarios of Land Use Development Decisions with an Agent-Based Simulation LaboratoryJankowskiAn Li, Couclelis, Church
CLAESSENS, Lodevicus (SDSU)Winter 2008Hydro-Ecological Linkages in Urbanizing Watersheds: The Role of Small Streams in Controlling Nitrogen ExportTagueLoaiciga, Melack, Stow
ZHANG, Tong (SDSU)Fall 2007Developing Grid-enabled Internet GIService Portals to Support Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure: A Pilot Study in AccessibilityTsou Ming-HsiangJankowski, Clarke, Goulias
ONSTED, JeffSummer 2007[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
The Effectiveness of the Williamson Act: A Spatial Analysis
ClarkeCarr, Cleveland, Couclelis
HALLIGAN, KerrySummer 2007Mapping Forest Canopy Fuels in Yellowstone National Park Using Lidar and Hyperspectral DataRobertsKyriakidis, Michaelsen, Jan Van Wagtendonk
GOLDSBERRY, KirkSummer 2007Real-Time Traffic Maps for the InternetClarkeTobler, Goulias, Fabrikant
MIDDLETON, ErinSpring 2007Toward a Behavioral Model of School ChoiceSweeneyChurch, Yang, Yun
GALLO, JohnWinter 2007[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Engaged Conservation planning and uncertainty mapping as means towards effective implementation and monitoring
GoodchildDavis, Couclelis, Church, Bojorquez-Tapia
FISCHER, DouglasWinter 2007Ecological and Biogeographic Impacts of Fog and Stratus Clouds on Coastal Vegetation, Santa Cruz Island, CAChristopher J. StillChadwick, Church, Tiffney
YOO, Eun-Hye (Enki)Fall 2006A Geostatistical Framework for Downscaling Spatial DataKyriakidisClarke, Goodchild
KAYZAR, Brenda (SDSU)Fall 2006Analyzing Revitalization Outcomes in Downtown San DiegoFordWeeks, Couclelis, Clarke
JANIKAS, Mark (SDSU)Fall 2006Comparative Regional Income Dynamics: Clustering, Scale, and GeocomputationReyGetis, Sweeney, Kyriakidis
ZHOU, Jianyu (Jack)Summer 2006[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Empirical Tracking and Analysis of the Dynamics in Activity Scheduling and Schedule Execution
GolledgeClarke, Church, Loomis
CRAINE, James (SDSU)Summer 2006Rethinking Geovisualization: New Geography for New MediaAitkenClarke, Fabrikant, Ford
RYAN, John (SDSU)Spring 2006Using Spatial Updating Bias to Explore the Robustness of a Collaborative Geovisualization ModelJankowskiGolledge, Clarke, Tsou
NUMATA, IzayaSpring 2006Characterization and Analysis of Pasture Degradation in Rondonia Using Remote SensingRobertsChadwick, Schimel, Soares
BATTERSBY, SarahSpring 2006Distortion of Area in the Global-Scale Cognitive Map: A Geographic PerspectiveGolledge & MontelloClarke, Hegarty
POWELL, RebeccaWinter 2006Long-Term Monitoring of Urbanization in the Brazilian Amazon Using Remote SensingRobertsClarke, Stonich, Hess
LULKA, David (SDSU)Winter 2006Networks Affecting the Geographical Distribution and Position of Bison in Modern AmericaAitkenCouclelis, Proctor, Friedrich
MIDDLETON, RichardWinter 2006Geographical Distillation: Application of the p-Median, Traveling Salesman, and Regionalization ProblemsChurchGoodchild, Kyriakidis, John Hodgson
SIFUENTES, JorgeFall 2005[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Geographical Information Systems Data Implementation for Analyses of Settlement Patterns of an Early Agricultural Society
GoodchildClarke, Church, Anabel Ford
RICE, MatthewFall 2005Intellectual Property Control for Maps and Geographic DataGoodchildClarke, Couclelis, B.S. Manjunath
GOLDSTEIN, NoahFall 2005The Computational Testing of Urban Growth ModelingClarkeCouclelis, Roberts, Steen Rasmussen
SYPHARD, Alexandra (SDSU)Summer 2005[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Simulating the Effects of Urban Growth and Frequent Fire on Southern California Shrublands
Janet FranklinClarke, Molly Pohl, Roberts
ROGAN, John (SDSU)Summer 2005Operational Monitoring of Land-Cover Change Using Multitemporal Remote Sensing DataFranklinFrank Davis, Roberts, Douglas Stow
NAGLE, NicholasSummer 2005Continuous Field Statistical Methods for Spatial Analysis in the Social SciencesKyriakidis, SweeneyChurch, Goodchild, Steigerwald
ENGSTROM, Ryan (SDSU)Summer 2005[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Effects of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Vegetation, Soil Moisture, and depth of Thaw on Modeled Evapotranspiration Estimates in Arctic Coastal Plain Ecosystems.
HopeStow, Tague, Chadwick, Michaelsen
DE SOUZA, CarlosSummer 2005Mapping and Spatiotemporal Characterization of Degraded Forests in the Brazilian Amazon Through Remote SensingRobertsChadwick, Mark Cochrane, Kyriakidis
CORRIGAN, WilliamSummer 2005Travel Time Estimation for Emergency Medical Vehicles with Applications to Location ModelsChurchSweeney, Clarke,Rachev
CLARK, MatthewSummer 2005An Assessment of Hyperspectral and Lidar Remote Sensing for the Monitoring of Tropical Rain Forest TreesRobertsChadwick, David Clark, Kyriakidis
HUSAK, GregSpring 2005Methods for the Statistical Evaluation of African PrecipitationMichaelsenKyriakidis, Wendy Meiring, Jim Verdin
DIETZEL, CharlesSpring 2005From Parameters to Scenarios: Using the Behavior of Cellular Automata to Create New FuturesClarkeCouclelis, Sweeney, Michael Teitz
KLINE, KarenWinter 2005A Quantitative Analysis of the Users of Global Environmental Data SetsClarkeGoodchild, Mertes, Eric Anderson
TAYLOR, RobertSummer 2004A natural history of coastal sage scrub in southern California: Regional floristic patterns and relations to physical geography, how it changes over time, and how well reserves represent its biodiversityDavisMichaelsen, Clarke, John O'Leary
WEST, Eric (SDSU)Spring 2004[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Imagined Transitions: The Geography of Reform in American Foreign Correspondence From Post-Soviet Russia
Stuart AitkenDoreen Mattingly, John Pickles, Couclelis, Proctor
McMICHAEL, Christi (SDSU)Spring 2004[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Modeling the Effects of Fire on Streamflow in a Chaparral Watershed
Allen HopeJanet Franklin, Roberts, Loaiciga
KEUPER, Alex Spring 2004[PDF Document] The Influence of Uncertainty Metadata on Decision-making Using Geographic Data Products MontelloFabrikant, Goodchild, Richard Mayer
HEROLD, MartinSpring 2004[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Remote Sensing and Spatial Metrics for Mapping and Modeling of Urban Structures and Growth Dynamics
ClarkeCouclelis, Roberts, Gunter Menz, Christiane C. Schmullius
HOLMES, KarenFall 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Regional Effects of Deforestation on Soil Biogeochemistry in the Southwestern Amazon
ChadwickKyriakidis, Roberts, Dunne, James Boles
BIGGS, TrentFall 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Regional Deforestation and Stream Biogeochemistry in the Southwestern Amazon Basin
DunneChadwick, Melack
MILLER, Jennifer (SDSU)Summer 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Incorporating Spatial Dependence in Predictive Vegetation Models
FranklinGoodchild, Michaelsen, Sergio Rey
LIU, XiaoHangSummer 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Estimation of the Spatial Distribution of Urban Population Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery
GoodchildClarke, Kyriakidis, Victor Mesev
DENNISON, PhilipFall 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Measuring Vegetation Type, Biomass and Moisture for Integration into Fire Spread Models Using Hyperspectral and Radar Remote Sensing
RobertsMichaelsen, Clarke, Susan Ustin
RASHED, Tarek (SDSU)Spring 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Measuring the Environmental Context of Social Vulnerability to Urban Earthquake Hazards: An Integrative Remote Sensing and GIS Approach
WeeksClarke, Couclelis, Hope, Wright, Menoni
GREEN, RobertSpring 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Understanding the Three Phases of Water with Imaging Spectroscopy in the Solar Reflected Energy Spectrum
DozierGautier, Roberts, Warren Wiscombe
CARTER, Christopher (SDSU)Spring 2003[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Neoliberal Economic Reforms and Urban Sociospatial Change in Latin America: The Case of La Serena-Coquimbo, Chile
GriffinWeeks, Couclelis, Clarke
PYKE, ChristopherFall 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Modeling Vernal Pool Hydrologic Regimes and Assessing Their Sensitivity to Climatic and Land-Use change
DavisGoodchild, Chadwick, Cooper
FUNK, ChristopherFall 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Modeling Patterns of Interannual Variability in Sub-Saharan African Rainfall to support Food Security.
MichaelsenGautier, Roberts, Verdin
MARSTON, JamesSummer 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Towards an Accessible City: Empirical Measurement and Modeling of Access to Urban Opportunities for those with Vision Impairments, Using Remote Infrared Audible Signage
GolledgeChurch, Montello, William Crandall
CURTIN, KevinSummer 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Models for Multiple-Type Discrete Dispersion
ChurchClarke, Goodchild, Samuel Ratick
ISHIKAWA, ToruSummer 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in the Environment: The Integration of Separately Learned Places and the Development of Metric Knowledge
MontelloGolledge, Mary Hegarty, Jack Loomis
SCHWEIZER, DianeSpring 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Heating Up the Science Classroom through Global Warming: An Investigation of Argument in Earth System Science Education
Gautier, KellyMichaelsen, Judith Green
SCULL, Peter (SDSU)Spring 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
"Predictive Soil Mapping in the Mojave Desert of California"
FranklinChadwick, McArthur, Clarke
PAINTER, ThomasSpring 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
"The Hyperspectral Bidirectional Reflectance of Snow: Modeling, Measurement and Instrumentation"
DozierGautier, Roberts, Robert Davis, Bradley Paden
ALEXANDER, NicoleWinter 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
An Object-Oriented Approach to Spatial Data Capture
ClarkeGoodchild, Couclelis, Divyakant Agrawal
WARRICK, Jonathan (MSI)Winter 2002[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
The Source and Fate of River Water and Sediment for the Santa Barbara Channel, California.
MertesSiegel, Washburn, John Milliman
DOW, David (SDSU)Fall 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
The Effects of Symbol Iconicity on the Integration of Spatial Knowledge Acquired from the Fly-through Navigation of Simulated Environments.
WrightNelson, Golledge, Montello
SORENSEN, PaulFall 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Locating Resources for the Provision of Emergency Medical Services
ChurchGoodchild, Couclelis, Jerry Weaver
DIBBLE, CatherineFall 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Theory in a Complex World: GeoGraph Computational Laboratories
GoodchildClarke, Michaelsen, Stephen DeCanio
GEBELEIN, JenniferSpring 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Validation of Three Land Cover Maps Utilizing Space Shuttle Photography and Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery
EstesClarke, Mertes, Tim Foresman
WESTMORELAND, Sally (SDSU)Spring 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Radiometric Correction of Multisensor Imagery
StowDavis, Hope, Michaelsen
CHEN, DongMei (SDSU)Spring 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Multi-resolution Image Analysis and Classification for Improving Urban Land Use/Cover Mapping Using High Resolution Imagery
StowGetis, Church, Goodchild
WELLS, Michael (SDSU) Spring 2001[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Human-Altered Fire Regimes and the Development of Stand Structure in Macrocarpae Pines
O'LearyGetis, Franklin, Michaelsen, Frank Davis