PhD Dissertations 1991-2000

Doctoral dissertations are posted in chronological order. The list includes the graduate’s name, quarter of graduation, dissertation title, committee chair, and committee members.

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Degree DateNameTitleChairCommittee
Winter 2000HERMAN, Thomas (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Images of Childhood, Images of Community: Children's Everyday Geographies in a Multi-ethnic Urban Neighborhood
AitkenMattingly, Golledge, Proctor
Fall 1999CHANG, Grace (MSI)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Analyses of Bio-optical Variability Related to Physical Processes on the Southern New England Continental Shelf: July 1966 - June 1967
DickeyBarbara Prezelin, Siegel, Washburn
Fall 1999MORITZ, Max[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Controls on Disturbance Regime Dynamics: Fire in Los Padres National Forest
DavisMichaelsen, Goodchild, Steven Gaines
Summer 1999MUNROE, Scott (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
The Economic and Spatial Dynamics of U.S. Metropolitan Retailing
GetisRey, Church, Couclelis
Summer 1999SCOTT, Lauren (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
The Accessible City: Employment Opportunities in Time and Space
GetisRey, Couclelis, Goodchild
Summer 1999SUTTON, Paul[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Census from Heaven: Estimation of Human Population Parameters using Nighttime Satellite Imagery
RobertsGoodchild, Tobler, Christopher Elvidge
Spring 1999COVA, Thomas[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
A General Framework for Optimal Site Search
ChurchCouclelis, Goodchild, Jerry Weaver
Spring 1999DAY, John[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Variability of Microwave Backscatter from Loblolly Pine Forest and the Implications for Forest Biomass Estimation with Imaging Radar
DavisMelack, Roberts, Jack Paris
Spring 1999HESS, Laura[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Monitoring Flooding and Vegetation on Seasonally Inundated Floodplains with Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar
MelackMertes, Davis, Jack Paris
Spring 1999McELROY, Steve (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
In Situ Accretion and Urban Transformation on the Periphery: Social and Physical Changes in VillaEl Salvaor, 1971-1998
GriffinWright, Couclelis, Proctor
Spring 1999VERDIN, James[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Geospatial Climate Monitoring Products: Tools for Food Security Assessment
EstesRoberts, Mertes, Goodchild, Compton Tucker
Fall 1998BROWN, Christopher (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
A Watershed and Bio-Regional Approach to Transboundary Wastewater Management in the Tijuana River Watershed
PrydeGriffin, Wright, Church, Loaiciga
Fall 1998HOLLANDER, Allan[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
A GIS Framework for Modelling Wildlife Species Distributions
DavisGoodchild, Michaelsen, Reginald Barrett
Spring 1998LOVELAND, Thomas[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
A Database Approach to a Global Land Cover Characterization: Foundations, Challenges, and Lessons
EstesDavis, Roberts, James Merchant
Spring 1998YING, Long Gen (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Modeling the Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Chinese Economic Growth during the Recent Reform Period
GetisCouclelis, Church, Serge Rey
Winter 1998EHLSCHLAEGER, Charles[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
The Stochastic Simulation Approach: Tools for Representing Spatial Application Uncertainty
GoodchildMichaelsen, Church, Peter Fisher
Winter 1998LEMBERG, David[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Politically Feasible Solutions for the School Districting Planning Problem: Optimizing Stability for Alternative Generation
ChurchGolledge, Couclelis, Russell Rumberger
Winter 1998WILDES, Fred (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
The Influence of Ecotourism on Conservation Policy for Sustainable Development: The Case of Costa Rica
GriffinPryde, Loaiciga, Proctor
Fall 1997FROHN, Robert[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Improved Landscape Ecology Metrics for Modeling, Monitoring, and Assessment of Ecosystems with Remote Sensing
EstesRoberts, Michaelsen, Virginia Dale
Fall 1997OHLMANN, J. Carter[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Ocean Radiant Heating
SiegelWashburn, Gautier, Tim Liu
Summer 1997GARVER, Sara[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Variability in Ocean Color Observations and Their Use in the Study of Upper Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics
SiegelWashburn, Michaelsen, Tony Michaels
Spring 1997PHINN, Stuart (SDSU)[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF
Remote Sensing and Spatial Analytic Techniques for Monitoring Landscape Structure in Disturbed and Restored Coastal Environments
StowFranklin, Mertes, Michaelsen
Winter 1997O'HIROK, William[PDF Document] Full Text PDF
Three-Dimensional Cloud Effects and Enhanced Atmospheric Absorption
GautierDozier, Michaelsen, Richard Somerville
Spring 1996VALERIANO, DALTON[PDF Document]  Full Text PDF

Relationships Between Tropical Forest Structure and Remotely Sensed Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
DavisMelack, Dozier, Mertes
Winter 1996CULLEN, STEPHENField and Laboratory Investigations of Contaminant Natural Attenuation and Intrinsic Remediation in Soils and the Vadose ZoneLoaicigaDavis, Michaelsen, Everett
Winter 1996DEICHMANN, UWEA Spatial Analysis of Technology Adoption in Sub-Saharan Farming SystemsAnselinGoodchild, Tobler, Lynam
Winter 1996GERSHUNOV, ALEXANDERLarge-Scale Variability of Tropospheric Moisture and Climatic ImplicationsMichaelsenGautier, Siegel, Leskow
Winter 1996HENDERSON, THOMASAn Analysis of the Effects of Ground Parameters and Multitemporal Compositing Techniques on the Passive Microwave Vegetation IndexEstesMertes, Lanter, Neale
Winter 1996TAKEYAMA, MASANAOGEO-ALGEBRA: A Mathematical Approach to Integrating Spatial Modeling and GISCouclelisGoodchild, Tobler, Batty
Winter 1996THOMAS, KATHRYNVegetation and Floristic Diversity in the Mojave Desert of California: A Regional Conservation EvaluationDavisMichaelsen, Goodchild, Mahall
Fall 1995ODION, DENNISEffects of Variation in Soil Heating During Fire on Patterns of Plant Establishment and Regrowth in Maritime ChaparralDavisMichaelsen, Jones, Mahall
Fall 1995TALEN, EMILYThe Achievement of Planning Goals: A Methodology for Evaluating the Success of PlansCouclelisGolledge, Goodchild, Hopkins
Summer 1995ELDER, KEVINSnow Distribution in Alpine WatershedsDozierMichaelsen, Melack, Loaiciga, Dexter
Summer 1995GERRARD, ROSSThe Location of Service Facilities Using Modeling Sensitive to Response Distance, Facility Workload, and Demand AllocationChurchAnselin, Goodchild, Current
Summer 1995KATTELMANN, RICHARDWater Movement and Ripening Processes in Snowpacks of the Sierra NevadaDozierMelack, Loaiciga, Marsh
Spring 1995MURRAY, ALANModeling Adjacency Conditions in Spatial Optimization ProblemsChurchGoodchild, Anselin, Cohon
Spring 1995STINE, PETERA Multi-Scale Conservation Assessment of Plant Communities in Southern CaliforniaDavisGoodchild, Estes, Franklin, Gilpin
Winter 1995LEIPNIK, MARKA Spatial Decision Support System for Management of Subsurface Contamination: A Case Study of SDSS Development, Implementation and Evaluation at Vandenberg AFB, CaliforniaLoaicigaChurch, Goodchild, Pritchard
Fall 1994KWAN, MEI-POGISICAS: A GIS-Interfaced Computational-Process Model for Activity Scheduling in Advanced Traveler Information SystemsGolledgeChurch, Goodchild, McNally
Fall 1994WRIGHT, DAWNFrom Pattern to Process on the Deep Ocean Floor: A Geographic Information System Approach (Interdisciplinary Program)R. SmithGoodchild, Macdonald, Haymon, Krause
Summer 1994REY, SERGIOIntegrated Multiregional Model for Systems of Small RegionsAnselinCouclelis, Golledge, Madden
Winter 1994WATERS, KIRKMonte Carlo Modeling of the Open Ocean Light FieldR. SmithSiegel, Michaelsen, Dozier, Prezelin
Fall 1993FRIEDL, MARKCorrespondence Between Remotely Sensed Data and Land Surface Energy Balance Over a Tallgrass PrairieDavisDozier, Gautier, Michaelsen, Price
Fall 1993NOLIN, ANNERadiative Heating in Alpine SnowDozierMertes, Michaelsen, R. Davis, Matson
Fall 1992MCGWIRE, KENNETHComparison of Standard Multispectral and Map Assisted Classification Methods with a New Layered ApproachEstesDavis, Goodchild, Star, Botkin
Fall 1992KEMP, KARENEnvironmental Modeling with GIS: A Strategy for Dealing with Spatial ContinuityGoodchildT. Smith, Tobler, Haymon
Fall 1992KENNEDY, SUSANAn Investigation into the Geography of Breast Cancer: The Small Number Problem in Small AreasToblerAnselin, Couclelis, Williams
Fall 1992WANG, YONGRadar Backscatter Modeling and Applications in Forested EnvironmentsDavis/MelackDozier, Freeman, Paris
Summer 1992EHRLICH, DANIELEMulti-Temporal Satellite Image Analysis for Crop Inventories in the Po River Valley (Italy)EstesDavis, Jones, Hall
Summer 1992KUMLER, MARKAn Intensive Comparison of TINs and DEMsGoodchildTobler, Church, Mark
Summer 1992PAINHO, MARCOModeling Errors in Digital Landuse/Landcover MapsDavisGoodchild, Estes, Haller
Spring 1992HASTON, LAURAReconstruction of Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Precipitation Variability in Southern California Using Tree-Ring ChronologiesMichaelsenDozier, Loaiciga, Keller
Winter 1992SHI, JIANCHENGRadar Polarimetric Modeling and Observations of Snow-Covered TerrainDozierR. Smith, Davis, Zebker, R. Davis
Winter 1991DUBAYAH, RALPHThe Topographic Variability of Solar RadiationDozierDavis, Simonett, T. Smith
Fall 1991GAYDOS, LEONARDScale Dependent Measurement of Vegetation in Urban AreasEstesGoodchild, Davis, Rowntree
Fall 1991HUDAK, PAULAnalytical Methods for Regional-Scale Ground Water Monitoring Network Design and Numerical VerificationLoaicigaChurch, Michaelsen, Keller
Fall 1991STOMS, DAVIDMapping and Monitoring Regional Patterns of Species Richness from Geographic InformationEstesDavis, Goodchild, Scott
Fall 1991VEREGIN. HOWARDThe Role of Uncertainty in Nuclear Winter ModelingCouclelisGoodchild, Lanter, Eardley
Winter 1991WOO, DAVIDA Feasibility Study of Using Landsat MSS Data to Map Tropical Rice Fields in Ifugao, PhilippinesEstesSimonett, Davis, Morris