PhD Dissertations 1982-1990

Doctoral dissertations are posted in chronological order. The list includes the graduate’s name, quarter of graduation, dissertation title, committee chair, and committee members.

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Name Degree Date Title Chair Committee
RICHARDSON, G. DONALDSummer 1982Spatial CognitionGolledgeTobler, T. Smith, Hubert, Pellegrino
LOGAN, THOMAS Fall 1983Regional Biomass Estimation of a Coniferous Forest Environment from NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Imagery.EstesStrahler, Michaelsen, Botkin
LI, SHU-SUNSummer 1985A Component Decomposition Model for Evaluating Atmospheric Effects in Remote SensingDozierSimonett, R. Smith, Michaelsen, Warren
WAN, ZHENG-MINGSpring 1985Land Surface Temperature Measurement from SpaceDozierSimonett, R. Smith, T. Smith, Bruno
GALE, NATHANSpring 1985Route Learning by Children in Real and Simulated EnvironmentsGolledgeCouclelis, T. Smith, Tobler, Hubert, Pellegrino
YOOL, STEPHEN Spring 1985Performance Analysis of Image Processing Algorithms in Spatially Complex AreasEstesDavis, Strahler, Botkin
HALPERIN, WILLIAMSpring 1985Spatial Cognition and Consumer Behavior: A Panel Data ApproachGolledgeCouclelis, T. Smith, Hubert
LI, XIAOWENWinter 1985Geometric-Optical Modeling of a Coniferous Forest CanopySimonettDozier, T. Smith, Strahler, Wade
STOW, DOUGLASWinter 1985Numerical Derivation of a Hydrodynamic Surface Flow Field from Time Sequential Remotely Sensed DataR. SmithDozier, Estes, McLean
GRAHAM, NICHOLASSpring 1986Statistical Models of Pacific Ocean Sea Surface TemperaturesMichaelsenDozier, Simonett, R. Smith, Barnett
ZHAN, CI-XIANGWinter 1986Gray Level Dependence Texture Measures: Sensitivity and Stability Problems and Applications in Remote SensingSimonettDozier, T. Smith, Wade
PAZNER, MICHAWinter 1986Geographic Knowledge Base Design and ImplementationT. SmithDavis, Estes, Simonett, Cotton
DAVIS, ROBERTWinter 1986Snow Property Measurements Correlative to Microwave Emission at 35 GHz.DozierMelack, Simonett, R. Smith, Chang
WOODCOCK, CURTISWinter 1986Understanding Spatial Variation in Remotely Sensed ImagerySimonettStrahler, Dozier, Tobler
COSTANZO, C. MICHAELFall 1985Spatial Association and Visual Comparison of Choropleth MapsGolledgeCouclelis, Tobler, Hubert
GORENFLO, LARRYFall 1985On the Structure of Rule-Based Decision Making in Spatial SearchT. SmithGolledge, Tobler, Gould, Millett
CHEN, ZITANSpring 1987Quadtrees and Quadtree Spatial Spectra in Large Geographic Information Systems - the hierarchical handling of spatial data.SimonettPeuquet, T. Smith, Tobler, Bruno
MARKS, DANNYSpring 1988Climate, Energy Exchange, and Snowmelt in Emerald Lake Watershed, Sierra Nevada (Interdisciplinary Program: Geography/Biological Sciences)DozierSimonett
SCHOEPFLE, O. BENJAMINSpring 1988The Modeling of Schools Under Declining and Fluctuating EnrollmentsChurchGolledge, Tobler, Iannaccone
ROBINSON, JENNIFERFall 1987The Role of Fire on Earth: A Review of the State of Knowledge and a Systems Framework for Satellite and Ground-Based Observations.SimonettDozier, Davis, Melack, Delany
FORESMAN, TIMOTHYFall 1987Geographic Tools for Hazardous Waste Sites: Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling.EstesJones, Peuquet, Botkin
ZHANG, XUEYUNFall 1987A Satellite Investigation of Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Phytoplankton Pigment Variations in the California Current SystemR. SmithDozier, Michaelsen, Simonett
CRIPPEN, ROBERTSpring 1989Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for the Investigation of Neotectonic Activity, Eastern Transverse Ranges and Vicinity, Southern California (Interdisciplinary Program: Geography/Geological Sciences)EstesSimonett, John Crowell, Robert Norris
MILLIFF, RALPHSpring 1989Quasigeostrophic Oceanic Flows in Coastal Domains. (Interdisciplinary Program: Geography/Mechanical Engineering)DozierR. Smith
MENON, SUDHAKARWinter 1989Spatial Search for Multi-Component Objects in a Geographic Information System Using Symbolic Models and Hierarchical Data StructuresT. SmithSimonett, Estes, Shing
GOPAL, SUCHARITAFall 1988A Computational Model of Spatial NavigationT. SmithCouclelis, Golledge, Klatzky, Pellegrino, Doherty
FRANKLIN, JANETFall 1988Canopy Reflectance Modeling in a Tropical SavannaSimonettStrahler, Michaelsen, Jones, Dozier
SUN, GUOQINGSpring 1990Radar Backscatter Modeling of Coniferous Forest CanopiesSimonettDavis, Dozier, Strahler, Elachi, Richards
LAUER, DONALDWinter 1990An Evaluation of National Policies Governing the United States Civilian Satellite Land Remote Sensing ProgramEstesSimonett, Davis, Botkin
GAO, PENGWinter 1990Spatial Data Structures and Spatial Access Methods for Knowledge Based Geographic Information System IIIT. SmithSimonett, Estes, Davis
HARVEY, L. EDWARDFall 1989Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Blue Oak WoodlandDavisAnselin, Michaelsen, Connell
PARIKH, ANUJAFall 1989Factors Affecting the Distribution of Riparian Tree Species in Southern California Chaparral WatershedsDavisSimonett, Jones, Keller
SAILER, CHARLENEFall1989A Knowledge-Based System for the Classification of Agricultural LandsEstesDavis, T. Smith, Cotton
FREW, JAMESFall1990The Image Processing WorkbenchDozierSimonett, R. Smith, Davis, Kemmerer