Mertes Scholarship Award Recipients

Leal Anne Kerry Mertes Scholarship Award Recipients

Date Awarded Student Name Department Class Research Title
5/25/17 GOTO, Erica Geography Graduate Landslides in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure
5/29/15 HODGES, Corbin Geography Graduate
5/27/14 NEELY, Alexander Earth Science Graduate Reading Landscapes and Characterizing Faults from a Digital Elevation Model, Santa Cruz Island, California
5/27/14 BINGHAM, Nina Geography Graduate Understanding the cow-terracette link in a Mediterranean Climate
5/30/13 HUYNH, Nicholas EEMB Undergraduate Growth, bacterial resilience, and mucosal microbial assemblages of wild and cultured California intertidal finfish
5/30/13 HARTSON, Kimberly Psychology Graduate Using affirmation to improve health outcomes of individuals coping with chronic illness
5/30/13 HANAN, Erin EEMB Graduate Controls over nitrogen cycling in California Chaparral
5/31/12 BARDOLPH, Dana Anthropology Graduate Feeding the Ancestors: Rethinking Polity Formation and Domestic Economy in the Moche Valley, Peru
5/31/12 ADAMS, Andrea EEMB Graduate The biology of extinction: Examining the role of an epidemic disease in shaping amphibian community structure
5/26/11 MORDECAI, Erin EEMB Graduate Pathogen effects on plant communities
5/27/10 ROYAL, Nate Geography Graduate Guinea worm and its spread: Nomadic movements and Guinea worm’s spread in Tillaberry, Niger
5/21/09 MERRILL, Loren EEMB Graduate Do female cowbirds use male vocal performance to assess male quality?
5/21/09 MURRAY, Bryan Earth Science Graduate The age of volcanism and crustal extension in the sierra madre occidental silicic large igneous province (Mexico)
5/22/08 SISTLA, Seeta EEMB Graduate How does arctic shrub expansion influence soil nutrient cycling thorugh changes in the rhizosphere
5/22/08 HARTMAN, Brett Geography Graduate A community development approach to ecological restoration in developing nations: Case study analyses from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia
5/30/07 LERNER, Amy Geography Graduate The impact of urbanization and global food policy on the future of maize livelihoods and land-cover in the Toluca de Lerdo Valley, Mexico
5/30/07 DOERR, Natalie EEMB Graduate Do male great bowerbirds minimize the costs associated with acquiring bower decorations by re-using decorations acquired in previous breeding seasons?
5/30/07 DONOVAN, Mary K. Geography Undergraduate Coral Reef Structure Across a Human Impact Gradienft the role of biodiversity and the implications for human welfare
6/1/06 MADIN, Elizabeth EEMB Graduate Unexpected Indirect Consequences of Predator Removal on Coral Reef Community Structure
6/1/06 SUTTER, Laurel Geography Graduate Land Use/Land Cover Change in the Evolving Agricultural Frontier: Peten, Guatamala