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Degree DateNameTitleChairCommittee 
Winter 2020Romich, TrevorPhotodegradation Stimulates Microbial Activity Through Enhanced Water Solubility of Grass Litter CarbonKingChadwick & Oono
Summer 2020Turner, WilliamAn improved climatological forecast method for projecting end-of-season Water Requirement Satisfaction Index (WRSI)JonesFunk, Husak & Roberts
Summer 2019Cheng,YouTelling Right from Right: The Influence of Handedness in the Mental Rotation of HandsChrastilMontello & Hegarty
Spring 2020Avery, RyanConvolutional Neural Network Based Approaches for Instance Segmentation of Irrigated Agriculture in Satellite ImageryCaylorMcFadden & Roberts
Spring 2019Pludow,Bryce,AmeliaEvaluating Service System Coverage of Wireless Internet AccessMurraySweeney & Church
Spring 2019Kibler,Christopher,LinscottMulti-temporal Remote Sensing of Vegetation Regrowth After a Large WildfireRobertsSweeney & D'Antonio
Fall 2019Xiao, JingyiWhat Questions Do Users Ask about GIS: an Analysis of Posts on GIS Stack ExchangeWernerJanowicz & Kemp
Fall 2019Baxter, IanHow tropical Pacific surface cooling contributed to accelerated sea ice melt from 2007 to 2012 as ice is thinned by anthropogenic forcingDingCarvalho & Jones
Fall 2018Schumacher,Britta,LeeFarmer Perceptions of Climate Change and Variability in Villages Adjacent to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, TanzaniaCasselsCleveland, Sweeney & Gorenflo
Spring 2018Hervey, ThomasWhat are We Locating? The Application of a Provenance Ontology to Disambiguate Locational References in Social Network PostsKuhnJanowicz & Montello
Winter 2018Xu, JingSpatial Variability in Retail Gasoline Pricing BehaviorMurrayChurch & Sweeney
Fall 2017Wang, FrankCarbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from a California Salt MarshKingChadwick & Melack
Fall 2017Mcbride, ElizabethEnhancing Population Synthesis using Land Use IndicatorsGouliasCassels & Janowicz
Fall 2017Mai, GengchenADCN: An Anisotropic Density-Based Clustering Algorithm for Discovering Spatial Point Patterns with NoiseJanowiczGoulias & Kuhn
Fall 2017Ju, YitingThings and Strings and More: Improving Place Name Disambiguation from Short Texts by Combining Entity Co-Occurrence, Topic Modeling, and Word EmbeddingJanowiczGoulias & Kuhn
Fall 2017Baez, CarlosEmergency Medical Service Ambulance System Planning: History and ModelsChurchMurray & Sweeney
Spring 2017Miller, DavidEstimating Urban Gross Primary Productivity at High Spatial ResolutionMcFaddenClark & Roberts
Winter 2017Lafia, SaraSpatial Discovery and the Research Library: Linking Research Datasets and DocumentsJanowicz / KuhnSeltmann
Winter 2017Chen, MingquanReconstructing Fire Severity and Post-Fire Recovery in a Southern California Watershed Using Hyperspectral Imagery and LiDARRobertsSweeney & Clarke
Fall 2016Ye, HaiyunSpatial, Temporal, and Thematic Structure of Volunteered Geographic Information in Social Media Following Different Catastrophic EventsClarkeCassels & Janowicz
Summer 2016Tuholske, Cascade, PhilipClimate Change versus Human Population and Development: Hurricanes, Urbanization, and Tourism Impacts on Land change in the Tropical Island Ecosystems of Roatán, HondurasLopez-CarrCassels & Roberts
Summer 2016Stiefel, Maximilian, SalvadorFertility Behavior in Azerbaijan: On the Demographic-Economic ParadoxSweeneyCassels & Davenport
Summer 2016Phillips, Daniel, WesleyDefining the Community of Interest as a Criterion for Boundary Drawing of Electoral DistrictsMontelloSweeney & Stoll
Spring 2016Yan, BoA Data-Driven Framework for Assisting Geo-Ontology Engineering Using a Discrepancy IndexJanowiczKuhn & Couclelis
Spring 2016Oyewole, Michelle, Tokunbo OluwEffect of Organic Amendment Application Rate on Nitrous Oxide, Methane,and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Field Study and Regional Farmer SurveyKing / Cleveland
Spring 2016Newkirk, Andrew, MauriceScaling and the "New Science of Cities": An Exploration Under Varying AssumptionsCouclelis
Fall 2015Davis, Adam, WilkinsonInvestigating Place Attitudes in Santa Barbara, CAGoulias
Fall 2015Bingham, Nina, LynnStrontium Isotopes Fingerprint Base Cation Sources During Early-Stage Soil Formation on Hawaiian Basalt FlowsChadwick
Summer 2015KIM, Jeong-HyunHarvesting Geospatial Intelligence from Geotagged Social Media Data: A New Type of Early Warning System against North KoreaClarkeKyriakidis, Janowicz
Spring 2015BAE, CrystalRepresentations of an Urban Neighborhood: Residents’ Cognitive Boundaries of Koreatown, Los AngelesMontello Couclelis, Goulias
Winter 2015FOURNIER, Eric Daniel By examinationFrewClarke, Kyriakidis
Winter 2015BOUNDS, BonnieCultural Amenities and the Consumer City HypothesisCouclelisSweeney, Montello
Winter 2015POTAPENKO, JohnHigh-Resolution LiDAR Pointcloud Data Processing, Computation, and Visualization with Application to Erosion Analysis of the California Channel Islands FrewBookhagen, Clarke
Winter 2015TAN, AnnMicroscale Topographic Influence on Grassland Primary Productivity on Semiarid HillslopesChadwickRoberts, Bookhagen, D'Antonio
Fall 2014MEERDINK, Susan KayLinking Seasonal Foliar Chemistry to VSWIR-TIR SpectroscopyRobertsKing, Kyriakidis
Summer 2014GRIGSBY, Erik ShaneImproved surface temperature estimates with MASTER / AVIRIS sensor fusionRobertsBookhagen, Frew
Summer 2014SMITH, TaylorGlacial Response to Climate Change in the Tien Shan Mountain Range of Central AsiaBookhagenRoberts, Carvalho
Fall 2013RASTOGI, BharatKyriakidisStill, Carvalho
Summer 2013PRENTICE, SamuelSoil-Landscape Modeling of Coastal California Hillslopes Using Terrestrial LidarChadwickBookhagen, Kyriakidis
Summer 2013KERSHAW, TimothyDegree by examLoaicigaClarke, Keller
Summer 2013JENSEN, ThomasDegree by examChurchSweeney, Clarke
Summer 2013CANNON, ForestHimalayan Wintertime Climate Variability: Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Regional PrecipitationCarvalhoBookhagen, Jones, Gautier
Spring 2013HARRIS, Sarah MayA Comprehensive Analysis of Precipitation in Santa Barbara, California, on Hourly to Interannual TimescalesCarvalhoBookhagen, Michaelsen, Jones
Winter 2013NIBLETT, TimothyThe Maximal Covering/Shortest Path Problem Revisited: An Examination and Reformulation of the Problem to Allow the Elimination or Attachment of Sub-ToursChurchSweeney, Janowicz
Winter 2013HANSHAW, Maiana Glacial Areas, Lakes Areas, and Snowlines from 1975-2012: Status of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Including the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Northern Central Andes, PeruBookhagenRoberts, Carvalho
Winter 2013VITALE, MatthewRegional Wind Power Development and System Integration; A Model for Optimal Site SelectionChurchCouclelis, Sweeney
Summer 2012GREER, BurkeBiogeography of Aspen (Populus tremuloides) in North America: Inferring Climatic Niche DifferentiationStill Roberts, Chris Funk, Naomi Tague
Summer 2012DE MOOR, Emily The Impact of Household HIV/AIDS on Fuel, Water and Subsistence Livelihoods: Evidence from the 2008-2009 Kenyan Demographic Health SurveyChadwickSimone Pulver (ES), Goulias
Summer 2012BELYEA, Bree Anna(Degree by examination)Roberts McFadden,Clarke
Fall 2011CURRIER, KatharineAuditory Representation in Spatial ApplicationsGoodchildClarke, Raubal
Fall 2011BADER, Josh(Degree by examination)GoodchildClarke, Kyriakidis
Summer 2011LANDGREN, Kristin The Effect of Distance Offshore on Ocean Color and Light Quality in the Santa Barbara Channel, CaliforniaSiegelWashburn, Brzezinski
Spring 2011TRAN, SusanGeographic Determinants of Intrastate Armed Conflict DurationClarkeLopez-Carr, Sweeney
Winter 2011BURTE, HeatherIndividual Differences in Spatial Knowledge Acquisition: The Interaction Between Sense of Direction and Attention While Learning Real-World EnvironmentsMontelloRaubal, Hagerty