Master’s Theses and Degrees 2011-2020

Graduates Master’s Theses
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NameDegree DateTitleChairCommittee
BURTE, HeatherWinter 2011Individual Differences in Spatial Knowledge Acquisition: The Interaction Between Sense of Direction and Attention While Learning Real-World EnvironmentsMontelloRaubal, Hagerty
TRAN, SusanSpring 2011Geographic Determinants of Intrastate Armed Conflict DurationClarkeLopez-Carr, Sweeney
LANDGREN, KristinSummer 2011 The Effect of Distance Offshore on Ocean Color and Light Quality in the Santa Barbara Channel, CaliforniaSiegelWashburn, Brzezinski
BADER, JoshFall 2011(Degree by examination)GoodchildClarke, Kyriakidis
CURRIER, KatharineFall 2011Auditory Representation in Spatial ApplicationsGoodchildClarke, Raubal
BELYEA, Bree AnnaSummer 2012(Degree by examination)Roberts McFadden,Clarke
DE MOOR, EmilySummer 2012 The Impact of Household HIV/AIDS on Fuel, Water and Subsistence Livelihoods: Evidence from the 2008-2009 Kenyan Demographic Health SurveyChadwickSimone Pulver (ES), Goulias
GREER, BurkeSummer 2012Biogeography of Aspen (Populus tremuloides) in North America: Inferring Climatic Niche DifferentiationStill Roberts, Chris Funk, Naomi Tague
VITALE, MatthewWinter 2013Regional Wind Power Development and System Integration; A Model for Optimal Site SelectionChurchCouclelis, Sweeney
HANSHAW, MaianaWinter 2013 Glacial Areas, Lakes Areas, and Snowlines from 1975-2012: Status of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Including the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Northern Central Andes, PeruBookhagenRoberts, Carvalho
NIBLETT, TimothyWinter 2013The Maximal Covering/Shortest Path Problem Revisited: An Examination and Reformulation of the Problem to Allow the Elimination or Attachment of Sub-ToursChurchSweeney, Janowicz
HARRIS, Sarah MaySpring 2013A Comprehensive Analysis of Precipitation in Santa Barbara, California, on Hourly to Interannual TimescalesCarvalhoBookhagen, Michaelsen, Jones
CANNON, ForestSummer 2013Himalayan Wintertime Climate Variability: Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Regional PrecipitationCarvalhoBookhagen, Jones, Gautier
JENSEN, ThomasSummer 2013Degree by examChurchSweeney, Clarke
KERSHAW, TimothySummer 2013Degree by examLoaicigaClarke, Keller
PRENTICE, SamuelSummer 2013Soil-Landscape Modeling of Coastal California Hillslopes Using Terrestrial LidarChadwickBookhagen, Kyriakidis
RASTOGI, BharatFall 2013____Still, Carvalho Kyriakidis
SMITH, TaylorSummer 2014Glacial Response to Climate Change in the Tien Shan Mountain Range of Central AsiaBookhagenRoberts, Carvalho
GRIGSBY, Erik ShaneSummer 2014Improved surface temperature estimates with MASTER / AVIRIS sensor fusionRobertsBookhagen, Frew
MEERDINK, Susan KayFall 2014Linking Seasonal Foliar Chemistry to VSWIR-TIR SpectroscopyRobertsKing, Kyriakidis
TAN, AnnWinter 2015Microscale Topographic Influence on Grassland Primary Productivity on Semiarid HillslopesChadwickRoberts, Bookhagen, D'Antonio
POTAPENKO, JohnWinter 2015High-Resolution LiDAR Pointcloud Data Processing, Computation, and Visualization with Application to Erosion Analysis of the California Channel Islands FrewBookhagen, Clarke
BOUNDS, BonnieWinter 2015Cultural Amenities and the Consumer City HypothesisCouclelisSweeney, Montello
FOURNIER, Eric Daniel Winter 2015By examinationFrewClarke, Kyriakidis
KIM, Jeong-HyunSummer 2015Harvesting Geospatial Intelligence from Geotagged Social Media Data: A New Type of Early Warning System against North KoreaClarkeKyriakidis, Janowicz