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Degree DateNameTitleChairCommittee
Fall 2010ELWELL, TammyThe Effects of Chile's Coastal Management on Artisanal Fisher Livelihoods: Three Cases from Ancud, ChiloeSweeneyMcFadden, Peter Alagona
Fall 2010GARCIA, ElizabethSea Level Rise and Urbanization in a Coastal City - Identifying Areas of Flood Vulnerability in San Diego, CaliforniaLoaicigaClarke, Washburn
Fall 2010SALES, MarcioEstimating Interpolation Uncertainty of Forest Biomass Stocks and Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Using Inventory Data and GeostatisticsKyriakidisRoberts, Goodchild
Summer 2010KINASE-LEGGETT, ElizabethDegree by examinationCouclelisGoodchild, Montello
Spring 2010McDANIEL, MichaelAgent-Based Modeling of Lost Person WayfindingMontello & Raubal (Co-Chairs)T. Smith
Winter 2010GUEBELS, CarolinePhosphorous Pool Distribution in Volcanic Soils Along an Arid to Humid Rainfall GradientChadwickKing, Still
Winter 2010HIMDEN, MichelleDegree by examinationStillSweeney, Carr
Fall 2009HARRISON, LauraHistorical and Future Temperature Impacts on Maize Phenology and Stress Risk in MozambiqueMichaelsenCarvalho, King, Funk
Fall 2009PEDREROS, DiegoThe Effects of El Niño in Agricultural Water Balance in GuatemalaMichaelsenCarvalho, Kyriakidis, Funk, Eric Alfaro
Summer 2009DALAL, PamelaExploring the Relationships among Transportation, Accessibility, Education, and Equity in Sylhet, BangladeshGouliasSweeney, Lopez-Carr
Summer 2009FRANK, ElisaSocial Identity, Perception and Motivation in Adaptation to Climate Risk in the Coffee Sector of Chiapas, MexicoEakin & Lopez-Carr (Co-Chairs)Cleveland
Summer 2009HICKMAN, MelodeePerceptions and Understanding Elevation Themed Maps: Multi-media Development to Teach about Sea-Level Rise and Global WarmingGolledgeRoberts, Lopez-Carr
Summer 2009ROTH, KeelyA Combined Lidar and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Analysis for Mapping Forest BiomassRobertsStill, Kyriakidis
Winter 2009BRACHMAN, MicahRemapping the Presidency: The Impact of Redistricting under the California Presidential Election Reform ActChurchGlasgow, Sweeney
Winter 2009FOSS, SuzanneExploring the Spatiotemporal Context of ICT-Influenced Travel BehaviorCouclelisClarke, Goulias
Winter 2009ISBELL, NathanaelProcedures to Identify "Low Hanging Fruit" Spoke-and-Hub Airline Routes Ripe for Conversion to Point-to-Point OperationsGouliasSweeney, Kyriakidis
Winter 2009NIBLETT, MatthewOptimal Scheduling of Forest Treatments to Reduce Fire IntensityChurchSweeney, Goulias
Winter 2009ROSE, Kathleendegree by examinationClarkeGoodchild, Kyriakidis
Fall 2008BRADLEY, ElizaA Comparison of Discrete and Large Footprint Waveform LiDAR for Assessing the Vertical Structure of a Mixed Deciduous ForestRobertsClarke, Michaelsen
Fall 2008DAVENPORT, FrankHousehold Supermarket Preferences and Child Malnutrition in GuatemalaLopez-Carr & Sweeney (Co-Chairs)Eakin
Fall 2008DEUTSCH, KathleenWhat's So Special About This Place? An Examination of Sense of Place and Its Correlation to Travel BehaviorGouliasSweeney, Golledge
Fall 2008MELTON, ChristopherPropagating Warm Poleward Flows Around Point Conception Following Wind RelaxationsWashburnDickey, Brzezinski
Fall 2007GASTON, StefanForest Structure Classification of Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Spectral Mixture Analysis and Topographic NormalizationRobertsStill, Michaelsen
Fall 2007HECHT, BrentUtilizing Wikipedia as a Spatiotemporal Knowledge RepositoryClarke & Raubal (Co-Chairs)Höllerer
Fall 2007RUMBLEY, JamesAn Analysis of Surfers' Risk Attitudes and Behavior in Santa Barbara County and Ventura CountyMontelloSweeney, Holden
Fall 2007SALUSTRO, ClareMultisensor Comparison of Mineral Dust Aerosol Optical Depth RetrievalsGautierRoberts, Siegel
Fall 2007TURNER, BenjaminAttitudes and Knowledges about Climate ChangeMontelloGautier, E. Smith
Spring 2007HECHT, JoryInfluence of Basin Characteristics on Low Flows in the upper Lempa Watershed, Central AmericaLoaicigaSchneider, Carr
Winter 2007GAINES, DavidDeveloping a Model for Selecting Accessibility Improvement ProjectsChurch, GolledgeGoulias
Winter 2007MURAWSKI, LisaThe maximal covering network improvement problem (MC.NIP): Designing rural transport networks for accessibility to health care facilitiesChurchSweeney, Goulias
Fall 2006MARCA, AnthonyOn Surfari: An Investigation of Long-Distance Travel patterns of California SurfersSweeneyGoulias, Golledge
Spring 2006GAZULIS, NicholasExploring the DNA of our Regions: Classification of Output from an Urban Growth Cellular Automation ModelClarkeCouclelis, Schneider
Spring 2006IRMISCHER, IanAn Examination of Line of Sight Algorithm ErrorClarkeRoberts, Church, Peter Guth
Winter 2006BOUGHMAN, AnthonyRealism and Connotations of Data Quality in Computer Displayed MapsFabrikantClarke, Montello, Mary Hegarty
Winter 2006SIM, Sunhuidegree by examinationClarkeGoodchild, Schneider
Fall 2005BERNSTEIN, JenniferBuying Back the Environment: Supply and Demand in Contemporary Nature AdvertisingProctorMontello, Roland Geyer
Fall 2005FREUND, JeremyEstimating Crop Production in Kenya: A Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing ApproachMichaelsenCarr, Roberts
Fall 2005O'DANIEL, ScottInteractions between Regional-Scale Variation in Geomorphology and Potential for Hyporheic Exchange Along the Umatilla River, OregonChurchSmith, Still
Summer 2005REBICH. StacyUnderstanding What Students Know About Global Climate Change: Evaluating Student Learning, Conceptual Change and Curriculum Effectiveness Through Concept MappingGautierMontello, Fabrikant, Couclelis
Spring 2005DILLEMUTH, JulieHuman-map Interaction for Mobile CartographyClarkeFabrikant, Montello
Spring 2005ECKMANN, TedExploring AERONET's Potential to Improve Forecasts of Fog and VisibilityStillMichaelsen, Roberts
Spring 2005KOSTADINOV, TihomirAssessment of Optical Variability and Closures in the Santa Barbara Channel, California using the Plumes and Blooms in-situ DatasetSiegelDickey, Stephane Maritorena, Libe Washburn
Fall 2004AUBRY, Ryan The Capacity for Urban Residential Infill: Estimation, Methodology and ApplicationClarkeCouclelis, Goodchild
Fall 2004BURBIDGE, Shaunna Factors Effecting Active Mode Choice in Transportation: A case study of Centre County, PennsylvaniaGouliasChurch, Couclelis
Fall 2004HAYWARD, Peter Martin The Impact of Varying Spatial Concepts and Spatial Perspectives on Environmental LearningGolledgeCouclelis, Hegarty
Fall 2004MIDDLETON, Erin J. An Alternative Method for Projecting Enrollment in an Open Enrollment SettingSweeneyChurch, Wong
Fall 2004PERROY, Ryan L. Characterizing Post-grazing Land Cover Change Trajectories on Santa Cruz Island, CA, with Multitemporal Landsat Data and Spectral Mixture Analysis.ChadwickRoberts, Still
Spring 2004ARRIGONI, AliciaThe Role of Near-Channel Hyporheic Exchange on the Thermal Variation in a Semi-Arid Alluvial RiverMertesWashburn, Still, Geoff Poole
Spring 2004GOLDSBERRY, KirkStabilizing Rate of Change in Thematic Map AnimationsFabrikantClarke, Kyriakidis
Spring 2004LEGLEITER, CarlAlternative Representation of In-stream HabitatRobertsGoodchild, Dunne
Spring 2004PINGEL, ThomasThe Military Metaphor in Computer Network DefensesFabrikantCouclelis, Clarke, Giovanni Vigna
Spring 2004ROBINSON, MichaelThe Effects of Lake Hydrology and Bootstrapping of Reservoir Inflow on Reservoir CapacityLoaicigaKyriakidis, Michaelsen
Spring 2004RUOCCO, MarcoHuman Psychological Response to Landscape Visual Filtering in Animation DesignMontelloCouclelis, Goodchild
Spring 2004VERGEER, Michaeldegree by examinationChurchClarke, Frank Davis
Winter 2004CORBETT, JohnGeographic Images and the Middle East: The role of Geographic knowledge in foreign policy judgmentsCouclelisMontello, Fabrikant
Winter 2004GOLDSTEIN, RisaIon Mobility Patterns Across a Time-Climate Matrix in the Hawaiian Islands: A Mass Balance ApproachChadwickStill, Schimel
Fall 2003KNIGHT, KevinAssociations of Riparian Bird Species Diversity and Landscape Metrics at Multiple Spatial ScalesClarkeMichaelsen, Dieter Wilken
Fall 2003MATZKE, NicholasRemote Sensing and Geostatistical Analysis of Anthropogenic Biomass Burning and Forest Degredation in MadagascarRobertsKyriakidis, Michaelsen
Spring 2003MARSH, MeredithA Concept-Base Learning Module on Globalization for American High School StudentsGolledgeFabrikant, Sweeney
Spring 2003NUERNBERGER, AndreaA Wearable Geographic Information System: General design principles and 2-D map display for navigationClarkeGolledge, Fabrikant
Spring 2003ST. CHARLES, PersepheneA Methodology for Creating Water Resource Management Plans: Theory and Application for Small Scale ProjectsLoaicigaClarke, Michaelsen
Winter 2003HOOPER, BarrySpatial and Temporal Analysis of Controls on Soil Carbon Dioxide Flux at the Hillslope Scale in California Oak SavannaChadwickKyriakidis, Susan Trumbore
Winter 2003HOWARTH, JeffObject Modeling of Adaptive Change in Late 19th Century Land Use on Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaMertesCouclelis, Davis
Fall 2002HOUSTON, KimberlyField Measurements of Hydraulic Roughness on the Altamaha River Floodplain, GeorgiaMertesWashburn, Keller
Fall 2002DOMAS, AdrienneTeaching Scale in Introductory Geography Courses: Using Experiential Learning and Environmental Issues to Incorporate Scale Into the Curricula of Introductory CoursesGautierGolledge, Sweeney
Fall 2002SEXTON, RyanNeighborhood Evacuation Utilizing a Micro-Scale Traffic Simulation ToolChurchRoberts, Sweeney
Summer 2002NORTON, Briandegree by examinationGolledgeFabrikant, Mary Hegarty
Summer 2002SMITH, Theresadegree by examinationGautierRoberts, Natalie Mahowald
Summer 2002INLANDER, EthanAn Integrated Methodology for the Mapping and Inventory of Riparian Areas in the Upper Santa Ynez Watershed, CaliforniaMertesGoodchild, David Stoms
Summer 2002HALLIGAN, KerryMultiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis of Vegetation in the Northeast Corner of Yellowstone National ParkLoaicigaRoberts, Clarke
Summer 2002MAGADZIRE, TamukaAn investigation into the effect of different water sources on inundation hydrology for selected floodplain reaches of the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers, Africa.MertesDunne, Michaelsen, Jim Verdin
Spring 2002CANDAU, JeannetteTemporal Calibration Sensitivity of the Sleuth Urban Growth ModelClarkeCouclelis, Steen Rassmussen
Spring 2002CROSIER, ScottFacilitating the Propagation of Environmental Computational ModelsGoodchildClarke, T. Smith
Spring 2002JONES, DavidA System to Calculate and Deliver EvapoTranspiration in California via the Internet Using CIMIS and GOES SourcesGolledgeGoodchild, Michaelsen
Winter 2001HEMPHILL, JeffOn the Value of Coordinating Landsat OperationsEstesClarke, Roberts
Spring 2002NAGLE, NicholasA Point-based Regression Analysis of Industrial LocationSweeneyChurch, Kyriakidis
Spring 2002ONSTED, JeffreySCOPE: A Modification and Application of the Forrester Model to the South Coast of Santa Barbara CountyClarkeCouclelis, Sweeney
Fall 2001BATTERSBY, SarahMeasuring Quantity and Quality of Information in Geographic Datasets with the Coordinate Digit Density FunctionClarkeGolledge, Tobler
Fall 2001TAYLOR, StephenVariability of Evaporation and Precipitation Associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation: Implications for Deep Oceanic Convection in Labrador and Greenland SeasGautierMichaelsen, Washburn
Spring 2001MORAIS, MarcoComparing Spatially Explicit Models of Fire Spread Through Chaparral Fuels: A New Algorithm Based Upon the Rothermel Fire Spread EquationRobertsChurch, Sweeney, David Weise
Spring 2001BALLANTINE, AndyThe Response of Groundwater Flow to Topography, Hydrogeology and Deforestation in Humid Tropical RegionsDunneLoaiciga, Chadwick
Spring 2001FISCHER, DougClustering and Compactness in Reserve Site Selection: An Extension of the Biodiversity Management Area Selection ModelChurchDavis, Clarke
Spring 2001McCLURE, KurtStormwater Plumes in Santa Monica BayWashburnDickey, Stephen McLean
Winter 2001DVORSKY, JohnThe Influence of Valley Morphology and Coarse Sediment Distribution on Rainbow Trout Populations in Sespe Creek, California, at the Landscape ScaleMertesTom Dunne, Scott Cooper
Winter 2001HADLEY, BrianEuropean and Asian Satellite Remote Sensing Applications EvaluationEstesClarke, Loveland
Winter 2001UNGERER, MattA New Coupling Strategy for Spatial Data Analysis and GISGoodchildClarke, Frew