Master’s Theses and Degrees 1991-2000

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NameDegree DateTitleChairCommittee
YANG, XIAO LIWinter 1991Design and Implementation of a Spatial Data Base for a Blind and Visually Impaired Navigational System Using GIS: Components of a Visual Guidance SystemGolledgeGoodchild, Couclelis
DUNCAN, BREANSpring 1991Utilizing GIS Technology to Combine Regional Physiognomic and Floristic Vegetation MapsDavisEstes, Goodchild
MOODY, AARONSpring 1991Spatial Variability of Soil Properties Beneath Quercus Agrifolia on Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaJonesMichaelsen, Davis
BROWN, RODNEYFall 1991Historical Mortality of Valley Oak (Quercus lobata, Nee) in the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara County, California, 1938-1989DavisEstes, Michaelsen
LEFEBVRE, PAULFall 1991degree by examinationDavisEstes, Michaelsen
SHU, SHOURONGWinter 1992Dynamic 3D Display of the Globe Using a Hierarchical Triangular Data ModelGoodchildTobler, Estes
WALKER, RICHARDWinter 1992Community Models of Species Richness: Regional Variation of Plant Community Species Composition on the West Slope of the Sierra NevadaEstesDavis, Haller
LOBAN, SCOTTSpring 1992A Heuristic for an Interactive Decision Support Approach for Timber Harvest SchedulingChurchJones, Anselin
SCHWEIZER, DIANEFall 1992Data Quality and Choropleth Maps: An Experiment with the Use of ColorGoodchildLanter, Michaelsen
BUENO, MICHAELFall 1992Quantification of Cartographic Generalization in Land Cover Maps Using Spatial Pattern Index Measurements Derived from Digital Satellite ImageryDavisEstes, Goodchild
LOMBARD, KRISTIFall 1992Generating Alternatives in Corridor LocationChurchCouclelis, Goodchild
RUGGLES, AMYFall 1992An Analysis of Late-Horizon Settlement Patterns in the Temascalapa-Teotihuacan Basins: The Creation of Idealized Settlement Patterns Through Location-Allocation Models and GISChurchAnselin, Goodchild
HUDAK, SHERIFall 1992Spatial Econometrics in PracticeAnselinGoodchild, Michaelsen
MAROTTI, ANDREAFall 1992A Bio-Optical Model of Primary Production for Application in the Antarctic Marginal Ice-Edge ZoneR. SmithSiegel, Prezelin
MOLLETT, MICHAELWinter 1993degree by examinationCouclelisGoodchild, Ford
FRICKE, LISASpring 1993degree by examinationMichaelsenLoaiciga, Davis
HESS, LAURASpring 1993L-Band Radar Detection of Standing Water in Forested Wetlands of Coastal GeorgiaSimonettDavis, Melack
DAY, JOHNSpring 1993Imaging Coniferous Forest Gaps with Synthetic Aperture RadarDavisMichaelsen, Melack
ROBINSON, TIMOTHYSpring 1993Fate and Transport of Agricultural Contaminants from Rice Paddies; Impact Sampling Strategies and the Potential Environmental Degradation to Dry Tropical Coastal Wetlands - Guanacaste, Costa RicaLoaicigaChurch, Jones
BURKE, LAURETTASpring 1993Environmental Equity in Los AngelesGoodchildAnselin, Michaelsen
COGAN, CHRISTOPHERSummer 1993Quantitative Analysis of Habitat Use by the California CondorDavisGoodchild, Estes
DODSON, RUSTINSummer 1993Integrating GIS and Spatial Analysis: An Implementation and Appraisal of Two Prototype Software LinkagesGoodchildAnselin, Tobler
BEARDSLEY, KARENFall 1993Compiling a Digital Map of Managed Areas at the National and State LevelsEstesDavis, Goodchild, Star
FAIRBANKS, DEANFall 1993Relationship of GIS-based Environmental and Remotely Sensed Data to Floristic Gradients within California Vegetation CommunitiesEstesDavis, Haller, McGwire
SPRINGER, DAVIDFall 1993Determining the Air Permeability of Porous Materials as a Function of a Variable Water Content under Controlled Laboratory ConditionsLoaicigaKeller, Everett
ROSENTHAL, C. WALTERFall 1993Mapping Montane Snow Cover at Subpixel Resolution from the Landsat Thematic MapperDozierMichaelsen, Mertes
STAMMERJOHN, SHARONFall 1993Spatial and Temporal Variability in Southern Ocean Sea Ice CoverageR. SmithMichaelsen, Siegel, Washburn
WANG, TAOWinter 1994Satellite-Derived Long Term Net Solar Radiation Over the Global Ocean Surface: Its Relationship to Low Frequency SST Variation and El NinoGautierMichaelsen, Siegel
BUYAN, BRETTWinter 1994degree by examinationDavisMichaelsen, Lanter
VERNON, GREGORYWinter 1994degree by examinationGoodchildMichaelsen, Tobler
HE, GANGWinter 1994Toward Understanding the Interactions Between the Atmospheric Radiation and Surface Vidirectional Reflectance: Snow SurfaceGautierMichaelsen, R. Smith
SORENSEN, PAULSpring 1994Analysis and Design of Heuristics for the P-Median Location-Allocation ProblemChurchGoodchild, T. Smith
PETERSON, PETERSpring 1994degree by examinationR. SmithTobler, Couclelis
VAN DEN BOSCH, J.Spring 1994Atmospheric Corrections for Hyperspectral Airborne Imaging Spectrometer DataDavisGautier, R. Smith
VAN KIRK, JOHNSpring 1994An Assessment and Analysis of Air Pollution in the Czech RepublicLoaicigaMichaelsen, Gautier
WHITE, LIONELSpring 1994A Non-relational Analysis of Buildings in the Environment and Rates of Suicide: San Diego County, California: 1990GolledgeProctor, Hammond
SCHULMAN, JOANNASpring 1994A Video Tour of Santa Juanita: How Viewing Angle and Perspective Affect the Salience Attributed to LandmarksGolledgeCouclelis, Aitken
PALLADINO, STEVESummer 1994A Role for Geographic Information Systems in the Secondary Schools: An Assessment of the Current Status and Future PossibilitiesGoodchildGolledge, Proctor
SVENSSON, BJORNSummer 1994Cognitive Maps at Different ScalesGolledgeMontello, Lanter
DOUGHERTY, VALERIEFall 1994Spatial Familiarity and Globalness of Spatial Reference Systems in Cognitive Maps of Large-Scale EnvironmentsGolledgeCouclelis, Montello
BYERS, MICHAELFall 1994A Computation of Global Oceanic Net Primary Productivity from Satellite Derived DataR. SmithGautier, Siegel
GRAY, M. VIOLETFall 1994A Digital Multipurpose Vegetation Map for the Colorado Desert of CaliforniaDavisGoodchild, Michaelsen
CAYOCCA, KELLYFall 1994Map-assisted Spectral Characterization of a Community Ecotone for Long Term MonitoringEstesDavis, Proctor
LENAY, JEFFREYFall 1994A Preliminary Analysis of the Classification and Prediction of Regional Scale Vegetation Distribution Using Climatic Edaphic Data in a Decision Tree ModelEstesMichaelsen, Roberts
HICKE, JEFFREYFall 1994An Analysis of Surface Solar Radiation in the Southern Ocean Computed from ISCCP DataGautierMichaelsen, R. Smith
GIORDANO, ALBERTOWinter 1995Understanding Cartographic Design: An Experientialist ApproachToblerCouclelis, Lanter
WANG, NAXINWinter 1995Retrieving Temperature and Water Vapor Profiles of the Lower Part of the Atmosphere in Thermal InfraredR. SmithDozier, Michaelsen, Wan
SALETA, JOSEWinter 1995Stand Discrimination in a Western Coniferous Forest Using AIRSAR DaraDavisMelack, Michaelsen
BELL, SCOTTWinter 1995Cartographic Presentation as an Aid to Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Unknown EnvironmentsGolledgeCouclelis, Montello
NOSSE, CRAIGWinter 1995Variations of the Optical and Physical Structure of Rainwater Layers in the Western Equatorial Pacific OceanWashburnSiegel, R. Smith
CAETANO, MARIOWinter 1995Burned Vegetation Mapping in Mountainous Areas with Satellite Remote SensingMertesDavis, Goodchild, Pereira
HAWKSWORTH, JOHNSpring 1995degree by examinationLoaicigaMertes, Ferren
SUTTON, PAULSpring 1995Public Opinion of Population IssuesGolledgeMontello, Tobler
VAN ZUYLE, PAULSpring 1995Modeling Schistosomiasis: Using new tools to explore the relationship between human behavior and water-borne diseaseCouclelisGolledge, Montello, Kloos
AURAND, MICHELESpring 1995An Intelligent Assistant for Processing GIS DataLanterCouclelis, Goodchild
LOSCH, CLAUDINEFall 1995Vegetation Change from 1973 to 1987 in the Rora Habab Plateau, Northern Eritrea, Based on Landsat MSS ImageryJonesEstes, Mertes
COVA, THOMASFall 1995A Spatial Search for Neighborhoods that may be Difficult to EvacuateChurchCouclelis, Goodchild
CLOUD, JOHNFall 1995A Splendor Which is its Own: Realizing the Potential of Space Shuttle Earth Observations PhotographyCouclelisDozier, Tobler
GALINSKY, KEVINWinter 1996degree by examinationWashburnSiegel, Michaelsen
MERCHANT, GEORGEWinter 1996Conservation Principles and the Initiation of Channelized Surface FlowsT. SmithMertes, Siegel
FIGUEROA, MICHAELSpring 1996Construction of an Exploratory Modeling System for Public Sector Location-Allocation PlanningChurchGoodchild, Couclelis
TUCHBAND, DANASpring 1996Comparing Linear and Nonlinear Rainfall-Runoff Models in the Steep Mountain Catchments of Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaLoaicigaChadwick, Clark
SORENSEN, JENSSpring 1996Variability and models of the effective quantum yield of carbon assimilation in the Sargasso SeaSeigelR. Smith, Washburn
PATTERSON, KARENFall 1996Calculation of Biologically Effective UV Dose Rates for Larval Anchovies in the Southern California Bight Using PUV Data in Combination with a Simple High-Spectral Resolution ModelR. SmithSiegel, Gautier
PAINTER, THOMASFall 1996Improving Spectral Mixture Analysis of Snow-Covered Area from AVIRIS DataDozierRoberts, Gautier
FELKNER, JOHNFall 1996An Analysis of International Data Exchange PolicyGoodchildDozier, Estes
LAWLESS, MICHAELFall 1996Potential Commercial Applications of EOS Science Data ProductsEstesGoodchild, Roberts
VENEGAS, JuanWinter 1997Place and Space Factors Affecting Employment Opportunities for Latinos within California Enterprise ZoneCouclelisGolledge, Montello
THORNE, JamesSpring 1997GAP Analysis: TheVegetation of Northwestern CaliforniaDavisGoodchild, Roberts
RENEHAN, StephenSpring 1997Analysis of Water Demand, Supply, and Pricing: 1987-1992 Drought in Santa Barbara, CaliforniaLoaicigaChurch, Chadwick
NUNEZ, AlfonsoSpring 1997Mapping of Vertical Leakage in the Hueco Bolson Aquifer in El Paso County, Texas, using a Geographic Information SystemLoaicigaChadwick, Arturo Keller
GARDNER, MargaretSpring 1997Mapping Chaparral with AVIRIS Using Advanced Remote Sensing TechniquesRobertsChurch, Gautier, Michaelsen
MCGHIE, R. GavinSpring 1997Creation and Accuracy Assessment of a Comprehensive Managed Areas Spatial Database for the Conterminous United StatesEstesGoodchild, J. Michael Scott
RICHARDSON, AnthonySpring 1997Spatial Knowledge Acquisition from Maps and from Navigation in Real and Virtual EnvironmentsMontelloGolledge, Mary Hegarty
LOVELACE, KristinSpring 1997Comparing Spatial Knowledge from Two Sources and in Two Orders of Recall using Verbal Navigational InstructionsMontelloGolledge, Couclelis
JOHNSON, AndreaSummer 199720th Century Growth Trends in Pseudotsuga macrocarpa in Relation to Climate and Atmospheric CO2- Pine Mountain, CAMichaelsenDavis, Loaiciga
SHORTRIDGE, AshtonSummer 1997Characterizing the Relationship between 7.5 and 1 Degree Digital Elevation ModelsGoodchildClarke, Michaelsen
NEWTON, BradleyFall 1997Rainfall-Discharge Relation of a Bedrock Aquifer in the Santa Ynez Mountains and a Model for its InterpretationLoaicigaDunne, Chadwick
ALBRIGHT, ThomasFall 1997Mapping Snow and Ice on the North-Slope of Mt. Everest with DEM-Corrected SIR-C/X-SAR ImageryDozierEstes, Roberts
OKIN, William J.Fall 1997The Biodiversity Management Area Selection Model: Constructing a Solution ApproachChurchDavis, Goodchild
BRODY, EricWinter 1998Validation and Modeling of In Situ Inherent Optical Properties in the Sargasso SeaSiegelDickey, R. Smith, Washburn
FOHL, PeterSpring 1998Simulating Nominal FieldsGoodchildClarke, Michaelsen
JOHNSON, TammyFall 1998Climate Change and Sierra Nevada SnowpackDozierMichaelsen, David Hinkley
BENISON, SeanFall 1998Field GISGoodchildClarke, Chadwick
KEIGHTLEY, KeirWinter 1999Mapping Productivity and Boundary Layer Conditions Using the Airborne Visible and Infrared Imaging SpectrometerRobertsGautier, Michaelsen
KIEDMAN, CharlesWinter 1999Assessment of Land Cover Change and Regeneration in a Northern California Forested Ecosystem using Historical Landsat and GISRobertsGoodchild, Michaelsen
TOOLE, DierdreWinter 1999Remote Sensing Reflectance Determinations in Coastal Environments - Impacts of Instrumental Characteristics and Environmental VariabilitySiegelDickey, Washburn
PYKE, ChristopherSpring 1999Floristic composition across a climatic gradient in a neotropical forestDavisChadwick, Michaelsen
HOLMES, KarenSpring 1999Calculation of Error in a USGS 30-meter Digital Elevation Model and its Effects on Terrain Attributes and Environmental ModelingChadwickClarke, Michaelsen
FUNK, ChristopherSpring 1999The VDELB Model of Orographic RainMichaelsenClarke, Roberts
MILLER, AaronSpring 1999Redox Control of Phosphorus Dynamics in Montane Forest Soils in HawaiiChadwickMelack, Schimel
COBB, MichelleSummer 1999Mapping Gradients on Santa Cruz Island, California from Remotely Sensed and Ground Sample DataMertesDavis, Goodchild
WALLER, EricFall 1999A Comparison of Landsat Multispectral Scanner Imagery and Aerial Photography for Identifying Land Cover Change in Coastal Southern CaliforniaRobertsDavis, Michaelsen
JONES, David R.Fall 1999Landsat Commercialization and its Impact on Remote Sensing Research and Education at Colleges and Universities in the Unitd StatesEstesR. Smith, Couclelis
BIRCHLER, JamesFall 1999The Nature of Intervention: General Environmental Attitudes as Predictors of Attitudes in Specific Cases of Biodiversity Conservation MangementProctorClarke, Bruce Bimber
McFARLAND, ChrisFall 1999Numerical Modeling of the Santa Barbara Sundowners of 27 June, 1990MichaelsenRoberts, Charles Jones
DENNISON, PhilFall 1999An Examination of the Relationship Between Chaparral Biomass and Radar BackscatterRobertsChurch, Clarke
ZEDLER, SarahFall 1999Observations and Modeling of the Ocean's Response to Hurricane Felix at the Bermuda Testbed MooringDickeySiegel, Washburn, Scott Doney, Jim Price
HUSAK, GregFall 1999The Impact of Landsat Thematic Mapper Positional Accuracy on the Validation of the DISCover Global Land Cover Database.EstesRoberts, Clarke
KELLY, MelissaWinter 2000Image Interpretation Keys for Validation of Global Land Cover Data SetsEstesClarke, Strahler, Tom Loveland
KLINE, KarenSpring 2000History of Global Mapping: Lessons, Issues and Challenges for National Mapping OrganizationsEstesClarke, Goodchild
ALAGONA, PeterSpring 2000Working Together, Thinking Apart: Collaborative Planning, Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Attitudes in Biodiversity ConservationMontelloDavis, Sweeney,
CHAMRAN, FaranehSpring 2000An Explicit Treatment of Topography in Measurement and Modeling of Hydrological Processes on a Small HillslopeChadwickLoaciga, Josh Schimel
ZHOU, JainyuFall 2000Analysis of Variability of Weekly Travel Behavior Using GPS-Recorded DataGolledgeClarke, Church
GOLDSTEIN, NoahFall 2000The Predictive Modeling of Endangered Plant Species in the Santa Monica Mountains Using a Knowledge Base ApproachDavisClarke, Goodchild
BIGGS, TrentFall 2000Tropical Land Use Change Effects on Stream Flow Chemistry at the Regional Scale: A Deforestation Signal in the Southwestern Brazilian AmazonDunneChadwick, John Melack
COLEE, MichaelFall 2000A High-Resolution Distributed Snowmelt Model in an Alpine CatchmentJeff DozierFrank Davis, Roberts, Bert Davis