Master’s Theses and Degrees 1977-1990

Graduates Master’s Theses
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NameDegree DateTitleChairCommittee
LOGAN, THOMASSpring 1978Western Forest Species Classification from Multidate Landsat and Terrain DataStrahlerEstes, Colwell
STOW, DOUGLASSpring 1978Analysis of Landsat and Digital Terrain Tape Data in a Geobase Information Systems Context: Ventura County Case StudyEstesDozier, Strahler
MARKS, DANIELSummer 1978A Longwave Radiation Model for Application in a Remote Alpine AreaDozierSimonett, Strahler
PRENDERGAST, PETERFall 1978degree by examinationSimonettEstes, Dozier
BAGGETT, JAYFall 1979Assessing Groundwater Contamination at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Through Quantitative Studies of Plant SuccessionStrahlerSimonett, Estes
RICHARDSON, G. DONFall 1979The Appropriateness of Using Various Minkowskian Metrics for Representing Cognitive Maps Produced by Nonmetric Multidimensional ScalingGolledgeTobler, Clayton
FREW, JAMESWinter 1980Remote Sensing of Snow Surface AlbedoDozierSimonett, Tobler
O'NEILL, PEGGYWinter 1980Ground-based Microwave Radiometric Measurement of Soil Moisture under Bare Field Conditions in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaEstesSimonett, Dozier
TORBURN, TARAWinter 1980Identification of Cotton Fields from Landsat Imagery in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaEstesStrahler, Sage
DAVIS, ROBERTSpring 1980Simulation of the Thermal Regime of an Alpine Soil Beneath a Snow PackDozierSimonett, T. Smith
HAJIC, EARLSpring 1980Digital Processing of Side Scan Sonar Imagery for Mapping the Anacapa Passage Seafloor in the Santa Barbara ChannelSimonettDozier, Luyendyk
MILLIFF, RALPHSpring 1980Boundary Condition Specification for a Model of Geographical MovementToblerT. Smith, Dozier
HALLADA, WAYNESummer 1980Crop Identification Using Principal Component Analysis of Multitemporal Landsat DataSimonettStrahler, T. Smith
LAWLER, MICHAELSummer 1980degree by examinationT. SmithClayton, Simonett
GALE, NATHANFall 1980An Analysis of the Distortion and Fuzziness of Cognitive Maps by LocationGolledgeTobler, T. Smith
WILSON, MICHAELWinter 1981An Analysis of Marine Oil Slick Detection Capabilities for the Seasat-A Synthetic Aperature RadarEstesDozier, Simonett
MAYNARD, PAULWinter 1981The Logit Classifier: A General Maximum Likelihood Discriminant for Remote Sensing ApplicationsStrahlerSimonett, T. Smith
TAUBE, DONALDSpring 1981degree by examinationEstesSimonett, Strahler
VAN CLEVE, DAVIDSpring 1981degree by examinationStrahlerEstes, McDowell
ZHAN, CI-XIANGSpring 1981A Spatial-Spectral Classification Approach for CroplandEstesSimonett, Strahler
LI XIAO-WENSpring 1981An Invertible Coniferous Forest Canopy Reflectance ModelStrahlerSimonett, T. Smith
KANANI, SIMEONSummer 1981Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection in Kitui, Kenya: A Remote Sensing ApproachSimonettStrahler, Estes
ATWATER, SUSANSummer 1981Monitoring Seasonal Change in Chapparal Moisture Content Using Landsat Digital DataStrahlerDozier, Simonett
CULLIS, BRIANSummer 1981degree by examinationStrahlerDozier, Simonett
BLAKLEY, JAMESSummer 1981A Quantitative Analysis of the Associations Between Plant Species in the Shortgrass Prairie of Central ColoradoStrahlerSimonett, Schlesinger
ORTEGA, RAULFall 1981degree by examinationEstesDozier, Simonett
BURLEY, PETERFall 1981degree by examinationGolledgeT. Smith, Hubert
WAN, ZHENG-MINGFall 1981A Method for Digital Snow Mapping at Subpixel Resolution from NOAA Thermal Satellite DataDozierSimonett, Strahler
COSTANZO, C. MICHAELFall 1981An Investigation of the Spatial Component in the Effectiveness of Gun Control LawsGolledgeTobler, Hubert
MARKS, BARBARAFall 1981A Method for Estimating Canopy Density Over Large AreasDozierStrahler, Simonett
IKHUORIA, ISIDAHOMENFall 1981Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis of Urban Land Use Patterns in Benin City, NigeriaSimonettEstes, Tobler
IRVIN, EDWARDWinter 1982A Regional Comparison of the Probability of Obtaining Multidate Coverage by Radar and Landsat for the U.S.A.SimonettEstes, Dozier
HALPERIN, WILLIAMWinter 1982Market Potential and Consumer Allocation: A Methodology for Comparing Aggregate and Disaggregate ModelsGolledgeChurch, Hubert
SPANNER, MICHAELWinter 1982Soil Loss Prediction in a Geographic Information System FormatStrahlerEstes, Simonett
LI, SHU-SUNWinter 1982A Model for the Anisotropic Reflectance of Pure SnowDozierSimonett, Strahler
FRAMPTON, MICHAELWinter 1982Measurement of Snow Surface Temperature from Thermal Satellite Data in the Southern Sierra NevadaDozierEstes, Simonett
DAVIS, SCOTTSpring 1982degree by examinationGolledgeStrahler, T. Smith
LEES, ROBERTSpring 1982The Use of Soil Texture and Field Capacity to Normalize Microwave Soil Moisture Measurements: Some ProblemsSimonettDozier, Estes
WITEBSKY, ELLENSpring 1982Online Bibliographic Information Retrieval for Geographic Research: Search Planning, Problems and SatisfactionGolledgeDozier, T. Smith
CHEN, ZITANSpring 1982Spatial Filtering of Polygon DataToblerSimonett, Dozier
YEGO, JOELSpring 1982The Suitability of Landsat Data to Map and Monitor Soil Erosion Hazards in Semi-Arid Lands: A Case Study of Central Kitui, KenyaSimonettEstes, Dozier
ZHANG, XUE-YUNSpring 1982A Model for Microwave Emission of a SnowpackDozierSimonett, T. Smith
JOHNSON, LEESpring 1982Atmospheric Effects on Satellite Augmentation of the USDA June Enumerative Survey: A Rdar/Landsat ComparisonSimonettEstes, Strahler
LAFONTAINE, DONALDSummer 1982degree by examinationSimonettStrahler, Church
WOODCOCK, CURTISFall 1982Reducing the Influence of Topography on the Classification of Remotely Sensed DataStrahlerDozier, Simonett
MINOR, TIMOTHYFall 1982Seasonal Comparison of HCMM Data for the Detection of Soil Moisture VariabilityEstesDozier, Simonett
BERTKE, SUSANFall 1982Fundamental Concepts of Remote SensingEstesStrahler, Simonett
STEWART, BRADFall 1982Sensitivity and Significance of Turbulent Energy Exchange over an Alpine Snow SurfaceDozierSimonett, T. Smith
LEHMAN, PAULFall 1982The Status and Distribution of the Birds of Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaStrahlerDozier, Rothstein, Disraeli
CARLSON, JOHNFall 1982degree by examinationEstesT. Smith, Hajic
EZRA, C. ELAINEFall 1982The Feasibility of Thermal Inertia Mapping for Detection of Perched Water Tables in Semi-Arid Irrigated Agricultural LandsEstesSimonett, Bonn
MORAN, M. SUSANFall 1982Modeling Timber Suitability Class and Site Index Through the Use of Digital Terrain Tapes and Soil MapsStrahlerSimonett, Estes
REEVES, RICHARDFall 1982Development of an Integrated Hazardous Transport Management Model (HTMM)ChurchGolledge, Tobler
GRAHAM, NICHOLASFall 1982A Combined Algorithm for Sample Design and InterpolationToblerMichaelsen, Church
SAILER, CHARLENEFall 1982The Development and Implementation of Remote SensingEstesSimonett, T. Smith
IRLE, PATRICIAWinter 1983degree by examinationDozierT. Smith, McLean
TINNEY, LARRYWinter 1983Towards and Improved Understanding of the Image Interpretation ProcessEstesSimonett, Wade
FOSCHI, PATRICIAWinter 1983Considerations and Problems in Designing a Geocoded Database System for a MicrocomputerSimonettEstes, Peuquet
ALMANZA, EDWARDWinter 1983Landsat Analysis of Phytoplankton Patchiness and Seasonability in Mono Lake, CAEstesDozier, Melack
FRANKLIN, JANETSpring 1983An Empirical Study of the Spatial Pattern of Coniferous TreesSimonettStrahler, Michaelsen
MIGEREKO, DAUDISummer 1983An Analysis of the Coffee Cooperative Marketing System in Busoga, Uganda: Transportation and Facilities LocationChurchGolledge, Simonett
ECKHARDT, DAVIDFall 1983Modeling the Effect of Incoming Solar Radiation on Vegetative Fuel Loading in Chamise ChaparralEstesDozier, Strahler
SOMOGYI, CHRISTINEFall 1983The Capacitated Maximal Covering Location Model and the Puesto/promotora Siting ProblemChurchJones, T. Smith
HEDDEN, SAVILLEWinter 1984Spatial Dimensions to Perceived Noxious Externality FieldsGolledgeChurch, Meyer
MERTZ, FREDWinter 1984A Primer to Spatial Data Processing Using the VICAR/IBIS Software PackageEstesStrahler, Simonett
KURILLA, LAURIESpring 1984A Tectonic Study of the Datil-Mogollon Sub-province Based on Co-Registered Remotely Sensed Imagery and Geophysical DataDozierSimonett, Hajic, Crowell
SUNDBECK, CARLSpring 1984degree by examinationMichaelsenDozier, Davis
VALLERA, ROBERTSpring 1984degree by examinationChurchGolledge, Parke
KENNEDY, SUSANSpring 1984A Spatial Regression Model for Medical StatisticsToblerT. Smith, Michaelsen
REIMER, KRISTIEFall 1984An Applied Spatial Interaction Model: Theory versus PracticeCouclelisT. Smith, Golledge
KISS, KENFall 1984degree by examinationDavisEstes, Dozier
DAILY, JULIEFall 1984A Characterization of Frequency and Intensity of El Nino Southern Oscillation Activity Reconstructed from Tree-Ring RecordsMichaelsenDavis, Jones
HOKE, NANCYFall 1984Development of Sampling Techniques Applied to Location ProblemsChurchGolledge, R. Smith
RITTER, ELIZABETHWinter 1985A Comparison of Classification Methodologies for Identifying High Priority Target Objects Around Nuclear Power FacilitiesEstesChurch, Simonett, Hajic
SCHWAB, MATTHEWWinter 1985Functional Invariance Under Spatial Aggregation from Continuous Spatial Interaction ModelsT. SmithTobler, Couclelis
DUBAYAH, RALPHWinter 1985Orthographic Terrain Views Using Data Derived from Digital Elevation ModelsDozierTobler, Simonett
DARLING, NEILWinter 1985degree by examinationT. SmithTobler, Simonett
ACKERSON, VIVIANWinter 1985Multistage Variabile Probability Sampling of Tropical Dry Woodlands for Fuelwood Resource AssessmentDavisJones, Estes
ROUSSEAU, DENISESpring 1985Texture Analysis of the Spatial Contiguity of Snow CoverDozierEstes, Simonett
NEGRI, DEBORAHSummer 1985Vegetation Mapping Using Landsat in a Semi-arid Region of AfricaDavisEstes, Botkin
CARLSON, ROWENAFall 1985An Evaluation of AIREYE for the Detection of Marine Oil SlicksEstesSimonett, Michaelsen
DUNLAP, ELIZABETHFall 1985Abundance and Distribution of Cetaceans in the California Current System as Observed from Ship and Satellite DataR. SmithMichaelsen, Dustan
CHIMA, RANGEATFall 1985Teleconnections in the Equatorial Pacific and the Americas: A Study of Seasonal Precipitation AnomaliesMichaelsenDavis, Jones
MANN, LISAFall 1985Large Area Mapping Design for Multiple-Use Management in the Superior National Forest, MinnesotaEstesJones, Botkin
HASTON, LAURAWinter 1986Mapping Zones of Similar Terrain for Improved Estimation of Snow Volume in an Alpine WatershedDozierDavis, Michaelsen
STREICH, TODSpring 1986A Contemporary Overview of Geographic Data ProcessingToblerEstes, Church
ROWTON, CYNDISpring 1986A Gypsy Moth Spatial Interaction ModelJonesTobler, Simonett
COSENTINO, MICHAELSpring 1986Mapping Natural Vegetation from Multidate Landsat Imagery: A Case Study of Minimum Mapping Unit and Map Accuracy TradeoffsEstesSimonett, Davis, Botkin
BIANCHI, GEOFFREYSpring 1986A Hybrid FLEET Model for EMS System DesignChurchT. Smith, Tobler
MIRANDOLA, MAUROSpring 1986Calculating and Plotting Great Circles and Rhumb-linesToblerChurch, Davis
SCHMULLIUS, CHRISTIANESummer 1986A Masking Procedure for Improvement of Crop Classification with Thematic Mapper Data in the Veneto Region, ItalyEstesJones, Star, Botkin
WADE, TIMOTHYSummer 1986The Utility of an Airborne Laser Scanner and the Technical Requirements of a Related Base Station ProcessorEstesStar, Edwards
BARRETT, THOMASSummer 1986Quantity and Spatial Distribution of Fuel Loading in an Urban AreaSimonettChurch, Estes
MARSCHAK, C. FREDFall 1986degree by examinationMichaelsenR. Smith, Davis
STOMS, DAVIDFall 1986Preliminary Design of a Farm Monitoring Geographic Information SystemEstesDavis, Jones
GOLDSCHMIDT, AARONWinter 1987Resource Mapping and Land Evaluation Around Three Ujamaa Villages in Semi-arid Dodoma Region, TanzaniaJonesChurch, Keller
HOLSMULLER, FRANKSpring 1987A Comparison of the Magnitude and Spatial Distribution of Flammable Materials in San Jose and RotterdamSimonettJones, Anselin
SHI, JIANCHENGSpring 1987A Study of Snow Hydrology and Snow Cover Measurement from Satellite MSS Data in PengquDozierSimonett, Michaelsen
HICKSON, DIANASpring 1987The Role of Fire and Soil in the Dynamics of Burton Mesa Chaparral, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaDavisJones, Haller
ROCKWELL, KENNETHSpring 1987degree by examinationEstesDavis, Jones
FLETCHER, GLORIAFall 1987GIS Use for Hazardous Waste Site Characterization of NAEC Lakehurst, New JerseyEstesDavis, Jones, Everett
GOETZ, SCOTTFall 1987Predictive Mapping of Coast Live Oak in California Using Digital Terrain DataDavisSimonett, Estes
MCGWIRE, KENNETHFall 1987Coordinating Hazardous Waste Monitoring Activities Using Geographic Information SystemsEstesChurch Davis
BACKE, KEVINFall 1987degree by examinationToblerEstes, Davis
MARSHALL, SHEILAWinter 1988An Investigation of the Spatial Statistical Characteristics of Atmospheric Correction Algorithm Components for Coastal Zone Color Scanner ImageryMichaelsenR. Smith, Dozier
ELDER, KEVINSpring 1988Spatial and Temporal Variation of Net Snow Accumulation in a Small Alpine Watershed, Emerald Lake Basin, Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaDozierMichaelsen, Melack
PHILLIPS, RICHARDSummer 1988Images of AmericaGolledgeCouclelis, Pellegrino
BURROWS, DAVIDSummer 1988The REFIRES (Regional Fire Regime Simulation Model): A C Program for Regional Fire Regime SimulationDavisMichaelsen, Tobler
FRIEDL, MARKFall 1988Advanced Image Analysis Tools in Remote Sensing for Earth Science Applications: AI and GISEstesT. Smith, Davis
REY, SERGIOFall 1988Spatial Housing Markets and Growth Control Regulations: An Application of Alternative Econometric Approaches to Santa Barbara County, CAAnselinGolledge, Morgan
PADDON, JUDYWinter 1989Image Processing Software for Education in Remote SensingDozierSimonett, R. Smith, Hajic
EHRLICH, DANIELEWinter 1989Data Analysis and Image Processing for Isolating Crop SpectraEstesDavis, Jones
GRIMES, JOSEPHWinter 1989The Use of a Reverse Heuristic for Determining "GOOD" Alternative Solutions for Linear Location/Allocation ModelsChurchJones, Couclelis
BLOXHAM, CRAIGWinter 1989Incorporating Temporal Considerations in Public Facility LocationChurchJones, Tobler
SHANKS, ROBERTWinter 1989Inherent and Operational Errors in a Geographic Information System for Monitoring Environmental Stress: An Example from the Casmalia Hazardous Waste Facility, CaliforniaDavisEstes, Botkin
EVANISKO, FRANCISSpring 1989An Assessment of the Klamath National Forest Seral Stage Classification System for Monitoring Vegetation Diversity Using Remotely Sensed ImageryJonesGoodchild, Davis, Hajic
PARENT, PHILLIPSpring 1989Geographic Information Systems: Evolution, Academic Involvement and Issues Arising from the Proliferation of InformationChurchEstes, Tobler
WANG, YONGSpring 1989Radar Modeling of Tropical Mangal Forest StandsSimonettDozier, Davis
WATERS, KIRKSummer 1989Pigment Biomass in the Sargasso Sea During Biowatt 1987 as Determined Using Deep Sea Mooring DataR. SmithMichaelsen, Prezelin
FANG, HSING-CHUNGFall 1989Polygon Structure to Raster and BackToblerT. Smith, Dozier
GERRARD, ROSSFall 1989Accounting for Political Imperatives in Regional Facility LocationChurchCouclelis, Goodchild
DEICHMANN, UWEFall 1989An Integrated Multiregional Input-Output Model for Water Policy AnalysisAnselinGoodchild, Tobler
MARSHALL, BRUCEFall 1989Raman Scattering in Ocean WaterR. SmithDozier, Prezelin
SCEPAN, JOSEPHFall 1989Geographic Information System Techniques for Managing California Condor HabitatEstesDavis, Jones
THEOBALD, DAVIDWinter 1990Automated Delineation of Hydromorphological Features on a Triangular Irregular Network-Based Digital Elevation ModelGoodchildDavis, Dozier
SANDBERG, JEFFERYWinter 1990Reliability, Resiliency and Vulnerability of the Central Valley Project-State Water Project System: A Pilot StudyLoaicigaChurch, Michaelsen
LANDSFELD, MARTINWinter 1990Analysis of the Effects of Spatial Data Aggregations on Hydrologic Modeling: A Geographic Information Systems ApproachJonesDozier, Davis
LEIPNER, JODDISpring 1990Multi-Temporal Historical Aerial Photography for the Detection, Analysis and Verification of Hazardous Waste DisposalEstesJones, Loaiciga
MORRIS, TERESASpring 1990Trafficability Assessment and Decision Making Using Geographic Information Systems and Remote SensingEstesTobler, Goodchild, Star
DAMKOWITCH, JAMESFall 1990The Capacitated Maximal Covering Location Problem RevistedChurchJones, Anselin
RAY, CHIU-WENFall 1990Remote Sensing and GIS: Establishing Consistency Between Raster and Vector Data ModelsGoodchildTobler, Estes
COLLIN, JEROMEFall 1990An Estimation of the Primary Production in the Antarctic Ice Edge ZoneR. SmithSiegel, Brzezinski
GARVER, SARAFall 1990An Analysis of Streamflow Variability in South Coastal California Using Tree Ring ChronologiesMichaelsenDavis, Loaiciga
DU, TONGFall 1990degree by examinationEstesSimonett, Davis