Reginald Golledge Distinguished Lecture in Geography


  Date Speaker Colloquium Title
28 03/14/13 Gilberto Camara
Researcher on Geoinformatics and Environmental Modelling
National Institute for Space Research
On Mental Clocks and Mental Maps: Contributions of Behavioral Geography to a Theory of Geospatial Change
27 02/03/12 Isabel Cruz, Pascal Hitzler, Werner Kuhn, Mike Goodchild, Mark Schildhauer, Krzysztof Janowicz
Panel Discussion
“Big Data GIScience”
26 05/07/09 Luc Anselin
Director and Foundation Professor
School of Geographical Sciences
Arizona State University
20 Years Since Spatial Econometrics
25 04/03/08 Joseph J. Kerski
Education Industry Curriculum Development Manager for ESRI
Sleepwalking Into the Future: Society without Spatial Thinking
24 04/26/07 G. Donald Richardson
Institute for Defense Analysis
Testing an Airborne Radar: Monitoring the Dayton Peace Accords in Bosnia
23 04/13/06 Timothy Nyerges
Professor of Geography
University of Washington
Implementing the PGIST Portal: A Web Portal for Analytic-Deliberative Decision Support
22 04/14/05 Barbara Buttenfield
Professor of Geography
University of Colorado
Multiple Representations of Geospatial Data:A Cartographic Search for the Holy Grail
21 05/20/04 Grant Ian Thrall
Professor of Geography
University of Florida
Business Geography of the GIS Industry
20 04/10/03 Ronald Abler
Executive Director
Telecommunications and Geography
19 02/21/02 Antoine Bailly
University of Geneva
Medicometry: A Global Approach to Health Care Policies
18 05/03/01 Susan Cutter
Professor of Geography
University of South Carolina
Hazards and Risk Assessment
17 04/13/00 Robert Stimson
Professor of Geography and Urban Planning
Univesity of Queensland, Australia
Measuring Dimensions and Spatial Patterns of Community Opportunity and Vulnerability: Lessons from a Decade of Socio-Economic Restructuring in Australia
16 04/08/99 John Nystuen
Urban & Regional Planning
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Place, Location, Time and Timing: Form and Texture in Space/Time
15 04/09/98 Richard Morrill
Department of Geography
University of Washington
Reradicalization of a Liberal? The Case of Urban Policies
14 03/13/97 Kingsley Haynes
The Institute of Public Policy
George Mason University
Issues in Environmetal Justice: Measurement Assessment and Policy Design
13 05/30/96 John Hudson
Professor of Geography
Northwestern University
Rethinking Grassland Regionalism
12 03/02/95 Gerald Rushton
Department of Geography
University of Iowa
Borrowing Strength for the Small Area Analysis of Urban Infant Mortality and Birth Defect Rates
11 05/26/94 Waldo Tobler
UCSB Geography
Retirement Lecture
Reflections on 30 Years of Geographic Research
10 10/28/93 Don Parkes
Professor, Director & Senior Research Fellow
University of Newcastle
Modelling Complex Environments, A Five Dimensional Dynamic Cartography for Blind Users
9 02/25/93 Yorgos Papageorgiou
Department of Geography
McMaster University
On the Recent Evolution of the Canadian Regional Population
8 05/21/92 Roger Downs
Department of Geography
Penn State University
Where in the World is Geography? The message in the medium
7 02/21/91 Leslie Curry
Professor Emeritus
University of Toronto
Entropy in Geographical Evolution
6 04/12/90 Gunnar Olsson
Director, Nordic Planning Institute
Stockholm, Sweden
Forms of Thought
5 03/02/89 W.A.V. Clark
Department of Geography
UCLA Geography
The Efficacy of Legal Solutions to Spatial Problems
4 04/08/88 Lawrence A. Brown
Professor of Geography
Ohio State University
Third World Development as the Local Articulation of World Economic Conditions, Donor Nations Actions, and Government Pollicies: A Rationale and Reserarch Implication
3 02/26/87 Leslie J. King
Academic Vice-President,
Professor of Geography
McMaster University
The New Theoretical Economic Geography: A Critique
2 06/05/86 Peter Gould
Department of Geography
Pennsylvania State University
The Only Perspective: A Critique of Marxist Claims to Exclusiveness in Geographical Inquiry
1 04/15/85 Julian Wolpert
Professor of Geography
Woodrow Wilson School of Public & Internatioanl Affairs, Princeton University
Urban Neighborhoods as a National Resouce: Irreversible Decisions and Their Equity Spillovers