The Geotrans Partners include sponsoring agencies and a variety of other university partners.  Below is a short description for each.


The University of California Transportation Center (UCTC)  

A regional transportation center and a multi-campus research unit with the research theme Transportation Policy and Systems Analysis. UCTC is active since 1987 to serve as the Federal Region IX University Transportation Center (UTC) and as the statewide UTC for California. Sponsorship is in equal parts by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  See more at:


Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) 

This is the largest Metropolitan Planning Organization in the US and includes six counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Imperial. The region encompasses a population exceeding 18 million persons in an area of more than 38,000 square miles.  As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Association of Governments is mandated by the federal government to research and draw up plans for transportation, growth management, hazardous waste management, air quality, and a variety of mandates at the state level. See more at:


Transportation Sustainability Research Initiative.   

This new program is supported by an initial 5-year award of $6.25M from the UC Office of the President. It was selected under the University’s Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI) through a competitive peer-review process. The ITS program will be co-directed by Professors Samer Madanat at UC Berkeley, Dan Sperling at UC Davis, and Stephen Ritchie at UC Irvine, with administrative headquarters at UC Irvine.  Program funding supports cutting-edge research targeted at key societal needs. It will support key state initiatives unfolding over the next few years, as well as the training of the next generation of experts and leaders. It will bring researchers together from more than 30 disciplines on six campuses (Berkeley, davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Santa Barbara) to seed multi-disciplinary initiatives, including collaborations between economists, geographers, ecologists, city and regional planners, public policy analysts, engineers from civil, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer scientists and experts in energy.  Research focus is on three integrated activities: 1) vehicles and fuels, 2) infrastructure investment and system management, and 3) land use and mobility planning.


Division of Research & Innovation.  The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)  

This CALTRANS division funds and conducts research but also develops, tests and evaluates transportation innovations. These are innovations in methods, materials and technologies in seven functional areas that include: environment, maintenance, geotechnical/structures, modal mobility, pavements, transportation safety, planning, policy, and systems information. 


The University of the Aegean. 

Since 2009 we engaged in active development of new ideas that go beyond sustainability to promote green development using transportation.  In one of our projects with the support of the European Union (European Social Fund) called GreTia (Green Transport in Island Areas) we make advances in  “travel behavior of resident population”, “tourist preferences”, “environmental analysis”, and “economic and financial evaluation”.  In parallel we jointly develop post-graduate courses and summer institutes expanding our training in advanced quantitiave methods for green development in all models of transport. 


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