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Register a UCSB-owned Computer for a Network Address

* If your PC is running Windows, make sure it has all Windows critical updates installed before filling in the form below. For more info on Windows security and viruses, see: OIT Security Services.

Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:

Your position at UCSB:
UCSB Geography Faculty
UCSB Geography Staff
UCSB Geography Student    (enter advisor below)
Visitor to UCSB Geography    (enter advisor below)

If you are a student, who is your advisor? If you are a visitor, who are you visiting?
For visitors only, what is your expected last date at UCSB? (mm/dd/yy)
Location: Building
Location: Room #
Wall port number (where you will plug in the ethernet cable)
Host name you want assigned to the computer:
New computer registration, or updating a previously-registered computer? New   Updating
CPU type and model (e.g., Apple MacBook Pro):
Is this a laptop? (NOTE: Only UCSB-owned laptops are permitted on the physical network.) Yes   No
Wired interface: Ethernet address (also called the MAC or Physical address (how to find it) (12-digit hexadecimal hardware address: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX)
Operating system (if dual boot, indicate other operating system(s) in comments):
OS version or service pack:
If your computer has any version of Microsoft Windows installed, indicate date last checked for Windows critical updates (see above): (If Windows is not installed leave blank.)
Please enter any comments you have below:

Fields marked in must be filled out before submitting.
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If you have any questions about this form, please contact .

Form last updated on:
Nov. 5th, 2008

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