About the Geography Club

The Theta Nu chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon at UCSB was formed on May 13, 1998, but was relatively inactive until Spring Quarter 2006 produced a new wave of highly motivated seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who sought to revive the club and create an organization to spread information about the Geography Major throughout campus (and hopefully the world). This is where the UCSB sponsored Geography Club started and has progressed to what you now see today.
Geography can be fun!

Guest Speakers

A list of all the people who have been awesome enough to share their experiences and knowledge with the club.


    Project Manager at SeaSketch
    Grace Goldberg

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Geography Logos are used with club related material.

Geography logo

Geography Club Events

Geography Club Meetings are held throughout each Quarter, check back to see when the next one be.

Geography Club Meetings will indicate the locations, speakers, and agenda.