APCG Conference
September 12-15, 2001

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  All photos in this section were taken by Susan Baumgart, the Department's artist, unless noted otherwise. Lighting was often too low for the camera to focus: thus, many of the photos are blurry or grainy. The story seemed more important than perfect photos.
to larger photo Because of the terrorist attacks Tuesday morning, September 11, the conference began with a memorial to Robert LeBlanc, a retired Geography professor from New Hampshire who died in one of the hijacked crashed jets. He was en route to Santa Barbara to attend APCG 2001. The address was delivered by Keith Clarke.
to larger photo France Cordova, Vice Chancellor for Research, extolled the virtues of UCSB Geography Department's research accomplishments during the Wednesday night plenary session.
to larger photo Joel Michaelsen gave a history of the Department. He had been a student in the Geography Program in the late 1960s, and witnessed the near demise of Geography altogether on campus. He became a professor here a few years after deliberate, strategic building had begun in the early 1970s. Thus, he knew firsthand the why and how this Department has grown so large and strong.
to larger photo Jim Newman, Board Member and former Executive Director of Santa Barbara Economic Community Project, gave an energetic talk about planning and geography in southern Santa Barbara County.
Thursday morning, attendees went on field trips. Six had been scheduled, but two had to be canceled due to the shutdown of airports, nationwide. The Channel Islands Tour and the hike in the mountains were cancelled, but the Riviera, Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara Water History, and Coastal Wetlands tours went forward. To the left is a photo of all but two of those who went on the walking tour of the Riviera - after the walk.
to larger photo Thursday evening was the "zoo-b-que," a barbecue picnic at the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens. The photo at left is of some of the people who set up the picnic, relaxing just before guests arrive. Left to right: Scott Crozier, David Jones, and Ed Collins (graduate students); LaNell Lucius and Christian Brown (Geography staff).
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Alex Keuper and Jorge Sifuentes, graduate students, relax. Waldo Tobler, Professor Emeritus, is in the background.

Other than zoo security and the animals, we had the zoo to ourselves, well into the evening.

The rest of the zoo-b-que photos are included without commentary.

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to larger photo Starting Friday morning, people gave papers. This one is given by David Lulka, a student at San Diego State University, and is titled "Meat, Autonomy and Control: Representing Bison."
to larger photo David Lulka answered questions after his talk.
to larger photo Christina, Tianna, and Melisa Kennedy's paper was presented by Tianna Kennedy: "From Wilderness to City: Vilification, Idealization, and Parody."
to larger photo Of course, what's a conference without a lot of setting up, taking down, and fiddling with audiovisual equipment?
to larger photo Stuart Aitken delivered the paper by himself and Jim Craine: "Creating Soundspaces of Lust and Despair."
to larger photo Stuart Aitken's presentation included some strident, pungent rock music that, in sound and poetry, conveyed urban angst. The audience felt it.
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Stuart Aitken changed the ending of his talk because of the jet-bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

to larger photo At noon, Chancellor Yang coordinated a time of grieving for those affected by the terrorist acts. Representatives of diverse religions, including Islam and Judaism, stood shoulder-to-shoulder.
to larger photo At the service, which was held in Storke Plaza on campus, the many hundreds who gathered listened to poetry and music.
to larger photo UCSB Professor Golledge gave a talk on blind navigation with the aid of wearable computers and talking signs.
to larger photo The room was filled for Friday's Presidential Plenary Session.
Robert Sollen, a local environmental journalist and writing instructor, spoke of the 1969 oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel, which instigated the establishment of Earth Day. Walter Hickel, former Secretary of the US Department of Interior and former Governor of Alaska, and who was scheduled as the main speaker, could not get to Santa Barbara due to the national grounding of air travel. A microphone was twisted down over a speaker phone, and he delivered his talk via phone from Alaska. He spoke about Alaska's unique land ownership decisions, designating major portions for Native Alaskans, Federal and State governments.
to larger photo Students explained their posters during the poster session.
The poster session had fewer posters, but plenty of enthusiasm The poster session had fewer posters, but plenty of enthusiasm . . .
The poster session had fewer posters, but plenty of enthusiasm . . . and food.
to larger photo On Wednesday evening, when conferees began arriving and less than 36 hours after the New York and Washington D.C. terrorist attacks, only 32 participants checked in. By the end of the conference, 130 people managed to attend -- an amazing feat in light of the difficulties with travel and emotions. The box in this photo holds the badges of all the people who had registered, but were not able to come. Almost all of them had needed an airplane to get here.
to larger photo A geographer's tie.
to larger photo The Geography Bowl transpired, even though one team was entirely from UCSB and the other had some UCSB students within it.
to larger photo Students wrestled with a question during the Geography Bowl, Saturday afternoon.
to larger photo More food and drinks: a "social hour" in the patio before the Awards Banquet.
to larger photo At the banquet Saturday night, we were treated to music by a local women's chorus, the Santa Barbara Treble Clef. LaNell Lucius, a UCSB Geography employee, who contributed greatly to the coordination of APCG2001, is the Director of the chorus.
to larger photo Matt Rice, a Geography graduate student, received an engraved plaque, in recognition and gratitude for the tremendous work he did on behalf of this conference.

September 20, 2001
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