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June 2004 Geography Graduation Celebration

Thanks to Mo Lovegreen, we have many photos of the June 12, 2004, Geography graduation celebration in the courtyard of Ellison Hall. The photos are divided into four categories, with jump links, to help those searching for images of particular people: Award Photos, Crowd Photos, Individuals and Small Groups, Photos from Martin's Camera.


Robin Johnson, the Advisor for Undergraduate Studies, and Keith Clarke, Department Chair, presented the awards.

Key to Award Abbreviations

  • CEG – Chair's Award for Excellence in Geography
    (graduated with a GPA of 3.5 or higher)
  • DM – Distinction in the Major
    (graduated witha 3.6 or higher and completion of a major research project)
  • J&LD – Jack & Laura Dangermond Undergraduate Scholarship
    (for the best students this year in GIS)
  • NB — Nicholas Bourdakis Memorial Award (for highest GPA of a new major)
  • OA – Outstanding Achievement as a Geography Major
    (for having the highest overall GPAs)
Nina Oakley: OA John Eisz: OA Nicholas Gazulis: OA & DM. Nick will attend grad school in Geography at UCSB Samantha Ying: OA & DM. Sam is going to grad school at Stanford
Garrett Altmann: OA & DM. Garrett is headed to Los Alamos national Lab for an internship Shanna Jowers and Jason Smart: J&LD. Jason was last year's Bourdakis Award recipient Samantha Ying, John Eisz, and Jennifer Daugherty: CEG. Jennifer also received an OA award Caitlin (Katy) Kontgis: NB. There is a photo of Katy with her whole family in the crowd photos
Two awardees were not in attendance, thus, are not pictured: Lauren Holman and Maggie Suval. They were selected for Outstanding Achievement as a Geography Major.
Sarah Battersby on far right, selling Department t-shirts Caitlin (Katy) Kontgis, 3rd from left, and family Nicholas Gazulis and his brother in foreground In an arc, facing Dr. Ying, whose back is in foreground: Tim Laverne, Mrs. Ying, Sam Ying, Jeff Hemphill, Martin Herold, Mr. Herold
Rachel Soloman visiting with Catherine Gautier     Rick Church visiting with Jason Smart
Keith Clarke preparing to give awards Much thanks due to Sarah Battersby and Jeff Hemphill for helping at celebration! May I have your attention? Time to give awards! Keith Clarke, Chair, and Mo Lovegreen, Managing Staff Officer
      Robin Johnson,
Tanis Hammond,
and Jeff Hemphill
Sam Ying
and Robin Johnson

Rick Church
and Jason Smart

Rachel Soloman
and Catherine Gautier
Rachel Soloman
and her parents
Nick Gazulis, his brother and mother Leal Mertes Leal's husband and son (Jim and Zachary), Libe Washburn, and Dan Montello Leal Mertes
Garrett Altmann, Robin Johnson, and Keith Clarke Garrett Altmann
and his Mom
Fern Neuno chatting with Dan Montello Dan Montello
L to R:
Greg Husak, Martin's Dad, Tim Laverne, and Martin Herold
Jenn Daugherty Catherine Gautier Brett Unmack
and his Mom
A Few Photos from DOCTOR Martin Herold's Camera
Martin Herold Greg Husak
and Joel Michaelsen
Sam Ying
and Robin Johnson
Tim Laverne, Mrs. Ying, Sam Ying, Jeff Hemphill, Martin Herold, and Mr. Herold


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June 25, 2004