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Keith Clarke
Mailing Address:
Geography Department
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

Office: Ellison 3626-A
Telephone: (805) 893-7961
FAX: (805) 893-3146



PhD, The University of Michigan, Analytical Cartography;
MA, The University of Michigan, Geography;
BA, Middlesex Polytechnic, London, Geography & Economics.

Research Interests: Cartography and GIS.

Courses Taught:
12, Maps and Charts;
115A, Geographic Photo Interpretation;
118, Production Cartography;
128, Analytical and Computer Cartography;
176A, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems;
176C, Application Issues in Geographic Information Systems;
184A, Introduction to Cartographic Programming;
184B, Advanced Cartographic Programming;
232, Cartographic Transformations;
234, Seminar in Cartography;
284A, Introduction to Cartographic Programming;
284B, Advanced Cartographic Programming.

August 10, 2001