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Faculty Women's Club of UCSB

The Faculty Women's Club of UCSB is now 63 years old. Initially begun by wives of mostly male faculty on campus in 1941, they were joined later by women faculty. Now, the group is open to men and women that have an interest and connection to the University, including faculty, administrators and staff. The purpose of the club is to raise funds for UCSB student scholarships and to promote interaction throughout the University community. Every year, at group's opening event at the Faculty Club, the Faculty Women's Club awards six undergraduate scholarships and the Broida-Hirschfelder Fellowship for a graduate student in the Sciences. At the end of the academic year, the club tries to introduce its members to something of interest on campus — in 2003 they went to the Art Museum and the year before that they toured the Bren School. "This year we were lucky to be able to find out about Geography," wrote Diana Kennett, the club's current Treasurer. New members are welcome; for more information call Kennett at 683-8905.

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June 8, 2004